Inside Out (Australia)

Nic Everist



When did you first start painting? And what captured your interest initially? I had dabbled in drawing over the years, but without consciousl­y trying to teach myself the skills I needed to draw well. I think I first fell in love with the meditative properties of drawing. Soon after, I started experiment­ing with paint and became so obsessed with that medium, it wasn’t long after that I decided to quit my job as a physiother­apist and explore the creative world. How would you describe your artistic practice? It has a lot to do with exploring new places and meeting new people – that’s largely where I find my inspiratio­n. Then I like to create pieces of art that are vibrant, textured and unique, just like our natural environmen­t... pieces that celebrate the best artist: Mother Nature. Do you take commission­s? Yes. I frequently complete commission­ed pieces and have just started a waitlist for 2021 to help manage my workload. I think it’s so special having artwork on your wall that reminds you of happy times. I love being part of that journey. What price range do you work in? Between $550 and $2200. Where can people buy your artworks? Directly from my website.; @nic_everist_art

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