Inside Out (Australia)

Scott Owen



What captured your interest in painting initially? I was always quite interested in art, especially anything that was very gestural, like a lot of abstract expression­ism. There is something very human about painting and the mix of control and chaos. As with music, it’s a way to express ideas and feelings that are hard to put into words. How would you

describe your art? I predominan­tly make still-life and landscape works, searching for a balance between the level of descriptio­n, or likeness to the subject, and a painterly exploratio­n of the medium. I love painting glass vessels, and the way glass distorts light.

Do you take commission­s? Yes, I am open to commission­s. What price range do you

work in? My works range from $300–$3000. Where can we buy your art? Directly through my website or Instagram, and through upcoming exhibition­s at Weswal

Gallery in Tamworth (April), the Robin Gibson and aMBUSH galleries in Sydney, and Cook Street Collective on the Mornington Peninsula. scottowena­; @scottowena­rt

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