Inside Out (Australia)

Harry Martin



How would you describe your art? I’d say I would be described as a landscape painter. I am drawn to scenes that have an element of drama and an atmospheri­c quality that I can attempt to portray on my canvases. I try to capture the rolling hills and moody landscapes of the highlands with a rich palette of green and earthy tones. I enjoy using the dim, diffused light that encompasse­s everything, to create drama while hopefully capturing the essence and spirit of the landscape. What do you love most about painting? I’m not entirely sure what it is that I love about painting; it’s probably more of a strange obsession. I’d say 90 per cent of the time I find it incredibly frustratin­g. Every work has its own set of problems and issues, but it can be very rewarding when you are able to overcome them.

Where do you find inspiratio­n? I don’t really have to go too far for inspiratio­n. I am incredibly lucky to have a studio in the heart of Glenquarry that has amazing views of green rolling paddocks. It’s often enveloped by different forms of weather, such as fog, rain and/or wind, which create different atmosphere­s. Where can people buy your art? I’m having a show at Maunsell Wickes in Sydney’s Paddington from February 13, alongside rural artist Sally Falkiner. What price range do you work in? Small pieces start from $600. @harrymarti­n_art

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