Inside Out (Australia)

Anh Nguyen



When did you first start painting? I painted like a fiend in high school and, although I really liked painting and all things art-related, that wasn’t the path I took when I finished school. I’ve kept visual diaries throughout my life, and have always been an avid photograph­er (before phones took photos!), so I’m very obsessed with the visual world and how to make sense of that. I started painting again in earnest when on maternity leave with my second child; it was simply the right moment. How would

you describe your art? I hope that people find my art joyful, expressive and interestin­g! The things I paint tend to revolve around daily rhythms, human activity and small moments, and I am interested in using passages of colour and bold brushwork to describe light and form, kind of abstractin­g down how things appear ‘in real life’. What price range do you work in? Unframed works on paper start at $300; mid-sized framed acrylics/oils are from $700. Where can we buy your art? I welcome enquiries via email or Instagram. I also have a little show with Amber Creswell Bell at Michael Reid Studio Direct early this year. msanhpaint­; @msanhpaint­s

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