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- TRIED BY Editor Eliza O’Hare

Robot vacuums have always bemused me. The premise of the Deebot U2 Pro by Ecovacs Robotics is that it targets pet hair and so, as the owner of a 13-year-old pug, I could see how it might be life-changing. This model is quiet, quick and hums around the house in meticulous fashion – softbumpin­g walls and table legs in its effort to collect all the hair. Helping with this is the bonus pet-care kit: a tangle-free brush and 800ml dustbin. The Deebot U2 Pro also has a mop mode, which has been great for my terracotta tiles. While Doug the pug isn’t a fan, the fact that we can control the robot remotely through the app and have the vacuuming finished before we get home from work has won me over. Deebot U2 Pro by Ecovacs Robotics is priced at $599. AMAZON.COM.AU

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