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Formica comes in a huge range of colours and styles. Shown in this kitchen are Deep Sea and Autumn Oak.

Q I’m looking to renovate my kitchen on a budget. Do you have any tips for achieving a new look at an affordable price? Neil, via Instagram

If you are looking to renovate on a budget, you can’t go past the Formica brand. Formica laminate is the practical solution for delivering reliable results, offering a range of affordable and durable surface options for benchtops, cabinetry and shelving. With an extensive range of colours, including Solid Colours, Stone Patterns that replicate the look of real granite and stone, and Woodgrains that capture the raw beauty of timber, you can create a look that suits your space and your budget.


Q We are building a home in an area with very extreme temperatur­e variations. Do you have any tips on how to build a home that suits this climate? Lucy, via email

Designing your home with high thermal mass materials is a great way to maintain a consistent internal temperatur­e, minimising the need for heating and cooling. Bricks are the ultimate thermal-mass material, as their high density has the ability to absorb and store heat energy, keeping your home warm in winter and cool in summer. Well-positioned internal brick walls will help you achieve the best efficienci­es with brick, so you can enjoy a comfortabl­e ‘climate’ all year round. BRETT WARD, GENERAL MANAGER OF INTERNATIO­NAL MARKETING, BRICKWORKS BUILDING PRODUCTS

Q We’re updating the facade of our home, but I’m overwhelme­d by the choices and costs. Is it possible to stay on budget while maintainin­g good quality and looks? Emma, via email

Affordable and approachab­le — two words we love to hear when building and renovating, but ones we often fear are too good to be true! When drafting designs and making mood boards, you need to keep sight of your budget. Achieving the dream without the price tag is possible, but requires research. Products designed for the local market, or those that are Australian-made, will be cheaper and more readily available, as well as a similar, if not superior, quality. And when it comes to maintenanc­e, durability is key in keeping costs down. For example, a fibre-cement facade will hold paint better than timber, be easier to clean and won’t swell or crack the way timber can. So, plan for what you can afford. Look locally, and be open-minded. DEB SAUNDERS, STYLIST, RENOVATOR AND THE BLOCK 2019 CONTESTANT

 ??  ?? GB Masonry in Smooth Nickel was used internally for this project by Melbourne design firm Ritz&Ghougassia­n.
GB Masonry in Smooth Nickel was used internally for this project by Melbourne design firm Ritz&Ghougassia­n.
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