Inside Out (Australia)



No Chintz owner Chrissie Jeffery loves the rich, new decorative fabrics and wallpapers coming out of the UK and sees a return to more ornate window dressings. “It started in England, with young designers who’ve fallen in love with pattern,” she says. “There are some crazy rosy wallpapers — all very Arts and Crafts.

“Then, last year, interior designer Ben Pentreath reinvigora­ted the classic wallpapers and fabrics of William Morris. He’s gone and recoloured them and they’re so fantastic. They’re fabulous, and a challenge to the all-white sheer curtain. Everything comes in cycles, and we’re seeing a new one begin.”

There is definitely a trend towards curtains, claims Neale Whitaker. “When I look through the interior-design posts from overseas — from North America, the UK and Europe — I am seeing quite decorative curtains coming back, which is really interestin­g because I never thought I’d see that. I’m also seeing quite heavy, traditiona­l drapes in silks and brocades and other beautiful fabrics, particular­ly from the UK.”

However, Neale can’t see the move to heavily decorative fabrics taking off here. “It’s not relevant in Australia,” he says. “Here, curtains means sheers, and there are sheers everywhere. I think the fact that Luxaflex recently introduced sheers to their range is an indication of that sort of movement within the market.”

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