Inside Out (Australia)



1 Screening is used to great effect, in this case to separate the garden’s various elements, including the lawn and pool.

Hills ‘Everyday’ wall-mounted clothes line from Bunnings.

2 The cedar screen at the rear hides the garage and provides a backdrop for the striking Murray Rose outdoor shower from Robert Plumb. The tough Sir Walter buffalo grass runs up to the wall, creating the effect of an outdoor room. 3 The sculptural pizza oven provides both a talking point and place to gather in this family area. Pizzas are on the menu most weekends, enjoyed in this sheltered, informal space.

4 Timber and tile used for the pool area are a study in contrasts, the former treated to withstand pool-water splashes and the rigours of the weather. Just as hardy and striking is the Heliconia pendula in the garden immediatel­y behind.

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