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poached salmon with chipotle, tamarind & maple



It feels a bit criminal putting this here. It’s so simple to make yet completely luxurious to taste. The tang of the tamarind and the smokiness of the chipotle work wonders with the sweet salmon.

80ml (⅓ cup) rapeseed oil 3 shallots, grated

6cm piece ginger, grated 3 cloves, toasted and roughly


1 tbsp cumin seeds, toasted

and roughly crushed

2 tsps chipotle powder

1 tsp black peppercorn­s,

toasted and roughly crushed 2 tsps coriander seeds, toasted

and roughly crushed

2 tbsps tamarind purée

3 tbsps maple syrup 800g—1kg side of fresh salmon, skin on, bones removed

375ml (1½ cups) vegetable



Steamed coconut rice Stir-fried Asian greens

1 Set the slow cooker to the sauté function. Add 1 tablespoon of the oil and, once hot, add the shallots and ginger and cook for about 5 minutes, until soft and fragrant.

2 Gently scoop out the mixture into a bowl and combine with all of the spices, the tamarind and maple syrup and the remaining oil. Whisk, then taste and adjust the seasoning. Gently rub the mixture into the top side of the salmon.

3 Wipe your slow-cooker bowl clean, then line it with baking paper. This makes it easier to remove the fish after cooking, otherwise it will collapse. Gently lay your piece of salmon in the cooker, tucking the tail in on itself to create an even fillet. Carefully pour the stock around the sides of the fish so it doesn’t wash the marinade off the top. Close the lid and cook on low for 2 hours.

4 Check it at the 11/2-hour mark. You can actually remove it at any time from the 1-hour mark, depending on how you like your salmon cooked. If you like it pink, go for a shorter cooking time. I suggest noting how long it takes the first time you make this recipe so you can get to know your slow cooker.

5 Serve with coconut rice and Asian greens.

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