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cheese­cake in there oc­ca­sion­ally, as long as it’s all bal­anced by good choices as well. I’ll eat five bananas a day, plenty of fruit, lots of rice, veges, sweet potato. I’m cer­tainly not afraid of eat­ing lots of carb.”

“If I do a re­ally hard ses­sion at the gym and it’s go­ing to be a lit­tle while un­til I’m able to get a proper meal, I’ll sup­ple­ment with a pro­tein shake. I also have a greens pow­der in the morn­ing. I also do the beet juice – re­search shows that some of the ni­trates in it can have ben­e­fits. You could juice your own beets, but there’s a com­pany that does beet­root juice or beet shots that are specif­i­cally aimed at en­durance ath­letes.

“I take caf­feine be­fore my races – there are car­bo­hy­drate gels that also have 40-100mg of caf­feine. And then you can get No-Doze over the counter. So for me, be­fore a big race, I’d have prob­a­bly 200mg of caf­feine. It fires me up men­tally so I’m hit­ting the start line feel­ing like I re­ally want to race.” run­down and sick, and then I feel a pain com­ing on, it’s usu­ally a sign that I’m do­ing a bit too much. That’s a good time to re­alise that you can’t just push and push. Some­times you might just need to back off.

“I’ve got a ten-minute rule: if things are hurt­ing or I’m feel­ing a bit un­der the weather and don’t feel like get­ting out to train, I’ll jog for ten min­utes; if things are just get­ting worse and it feels ter­ri­ble, I can just turn around and walk home. But of­ten once you get that first ten min­utes done, you re­alise that it was just a lit­tle nig­gle and you’re fine to keep go­ing.

“It’s funny: I couldn’t tell you how many runs I’ve been on, but there are only three or four runs that I’ve ever re­gret­ted do­ing. Of­ten, just get­ting out the door is the hard part, but once you’re out there you very rarely get home and say, ‘I wish I hadn’t done that.’ You nor­mally get home and you’re flooded with en­dor­phins and you’ve had a bit of time to your­self and you feel great. Run­ning can be quite med­i­ta­tive, so you of­ten find you solve the prob­lems of the world while you’re out there.”

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