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FOR YEARS there have been sto­ries and films made about peo­ple from Mars com­ing to our world in their fly­ing saucers. From the fly­ing saucers came armies of Mar­tians ready to take over Earth. They were pic­tured as peo­ple of a su­pe­rior knowl­edge than any hu­man be­ing. They were smaller than peo­ple here, but able to move at great speed and showed enor­mous en­durance to com­bat hu­man armies.

Now af­ter seven years of plan­ning and a cost of $933mil­lion, the ‘In­Sight’ probe safely touched down on Mars at 7am on Novem­ber 20, 2018. This was a mem­o­rable day as there had been many at­tempts to make a land­ing, but this was the first suc­cess­ful one. Now, with the use of the probe, data about the planet will be col­lected and trans­mit­ted back to Nasa to de­ter­mine whether life can be sus­tained on Mars as well as to de­ter­mine what min­er­als could be there.

This land­ing did not have the same pub­lic­ity as the land­ing on the moon, when astro­nauts walked on the lu­nar sur­face and col­lected var­i­ous sam­ples. How­ever, the Mars land­ing is no less sig­nif­i­cant in outer space ex­plo­ration.

A ques­tion has been asked as to whether God could be found on Mars. If we be­lieve in the God of cre­ation of the uni­verse then the an­swer must be yes. If we be­lieve in the om­nipres­ence of God, a qual­ity pos­sessed by God alone (mean­ing to be ev­ery­where at the same time) and if the astro­nauts who have trav­elled in space have made state­ments to the mag­nif­i­cence of God’s hand­i­work in what they saw, then God would have a pres­ence on Mars.

The more im­por­tant is­sue for us mere earth­lings is to know the pres­ence of God with us and our im­por­tance to him. The sig­nif­i­cance of this is seen in many state­ments Je­sus made. Not one spar­row falls to the ground with­out your Fa­ther’s will. He knows the num­ber of hairs on your head and he knows what you need be­fore you ask. We can spec­u­late on many things about God and what he does and doesn’t do, but the one thing we do know is that in the open­ing verses of John’s Gospel we read: In the be­gin­ning was the Word (Je­sus) and through him he cre­ated the heav­ens and the Earth. But then it wasn’t enough for Je­sus to be in­volved in the cre­ation but for him to come to Earth and rep­re­sent God to us. Through the sea­son of Christ­mas we re­mem­ber the rea­son for the sea­son – God send­ing his Son to call us to a liv­ing faith in Je­sus and through this, ex­pe­ri­ence the mys­ti­cal pres­ence of God with us. Pas­tor Robert Arnold Kyabram Bap­tist Church

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