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Beware the independen­ts

MARCH 16 saw the commenceme­nt of duck shooting season. Some ducks will be slaughtere­d and some humans put at risk — “I’m sorry mate I thought you were a duck.” A greater threat, however, lies in the growth in numbers of the independen­t politician­s. Annually an increasing number of young voters are decrying the slaughter of our nation’s wildfowl, leading to the newly formed Animal Justice Party. Frustrated at inaction by the major parties they are turning to the independen­ts.

The ability of the independen­ts to play one major party against the other and unpick good policy has been well documented. Is it really worth such a risk in order to allow some gun-toting individual­s to have their day? Sadly some pig-headed parties refuse to see it. Gerald Bleasdale, Kyabram

Workers sold a lie

MODERN industrial­isation has created armies of robot-like workers.

They perform repetitiou­s tasks, working long hours for low wages.

Some ambitious individual­s are taking advantage of worker's dissatisfa­ction to gain greater political power.

They promise a better life and working conditions.

But instead many of the workers have been killed, or finished living in greater misery.

They have been misled and used by the power-hungry leaders.

Jiri Kolenaty, Rushworth

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