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Crazy cat ladies in the frame

- By John Lewis (RIGHT)

There’s some crazy cool cat stuff happening at Kyabram Town Hall with the launch of a bright new art series from Tatura-based artist Lynne Hume.

Ms Hume said her Crazy Cat Ladies exhibition had been inspired by all the ladies who love and sometimes hoard the slinky furry little beasties.

“The compulsive hoarding of cats, a symptom of obsessive compulsive disorder, has long been associated with ‘crazy ladies’,” Ms Hume said.

“But most of us just love the little furry beings and happily share our lives, food and houses with them — and if they need more friends we are happy for them to bring them home to stay,” she said.

Ms Hume said she loved creating the series, calling herself a ‘‘crazy mixedmedia’’ artist.

She said she used acrylic paint, which she paints or stencils on to a wild assortment of different papers including, tissues, teabags, fibre, pie bags, newspapers, brown paper, magazines and serviettes.

Ms Hume also uses gesso and modelling paste, ink, oil and pastel and altered photograph­s.

“I invite you to work out

Lynne uses a variety of different papers, bags and tissues to create her wild collages.

what I have actually used in each of my mixed-media pieces. Each piece has at least four different mediums,” she said.

Crazy Cat Ladies is showing at Kyabram Town Hall until June 7. Also on show at the gallery is Feminart by Splinter Contempora­ry Artists, Croplands by Glenda Mackay and textile art by Sue de Vanny.

More of Lynne Hume’s vibrant colourful art can be found on the Facebook page Humala House Gallery.

Another example of Lynne’s crazy mixed-media approach using tea bag staining, acrylic paint and pen and ink.

Lynne’s work often includes cheeky humour.

Altered photograph­s are also used in Lynne Hume’s work (above), and she uses teabags to create a mottled effect on the faces of her subjects (below).

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 ??  ?? Lynne Hume uses mixed media including paper and pastel.
Lynne Hume uses mixed media including paper and pastel.
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