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A chicken farmer owned property on both sides of a quiet rural road, and he had a crossing for his chickens to move from one side of the road to the other. As years went by, the traffic flow increased to an alarming rate. The traffic became so heavy and so fast, his chickens were being run over at a rate of five or six chickens per day.

He contacted the road authority, which put up a sign at the crossing that read ‘SLOW DOWN — SCHOOL CROSSING'. It didn't make any difference. The road authority put up another sign: ‘SLOW DOWN — CHILDREN AT PLAY'. Again, there was no change.

The farmer contacted the authority and said, ‘'This isn't working. Do you mind if I put up my own sign?” The authority agreed.

Three weeks went by and the authority had not heard anything, so sent an officer to have a look. Sure enough, the officer found the new sign was working perfectly. He observed the traffic slowing to a crawl and a new sign that read ‘SLOW DOWN — NUDIST COLONY'.


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