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Blast from the past


True Blues ’83 won’t ever be regarded as a literary masterpiec­e, but its timing could not have been more perfect.

I can’t exactly remember whose brainchild it was, but the booklet managed to capture some of the excitement and magic of the droughtbre­aking Tongala Football Club premiershi­p of 1983.

Thanks largely to an artist with a rather generous attitude toward a stats and footy-mad 13-year-old, the 32-page booklet was delivered to an eager audience only weeks out from

the club’s first premiershi­p since 1961.

Murray Ross was responsibl­e for the artwork and Rod Brasher’s photograph­y work gave the booklet the profession­alism it needed to pass the litmus test of the club’s passionate supporter base. And with the support of 20 businesses, along with extremely patient parents, it became a reality.

It still lives in the drawers of people who were part of the memorable premiershi­p year and brings a smile to my face (and the occasional grimace) 38 years later.

Looking back, I took a fair bit of poetic

licence, printing my own GVFL Ieam of the Year, which featured Rochester legends Rod Haring and Mick Keenan, along with Echuca’s Greg Murnane. Along with, as you might expect, a healthy Tongala representa­tion

The pen pics are hilarious, beer featured prominentl­y in the favourite drink category and Commodore was definitely the car of choice with the premiershi­p players of 1983.

Not sure if there is a teenager out there planning a remake of the compilatio­n (after all it was a good luck charm back then), but if there is I am more than willing to lend a hand.

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