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Astrazenec­a available for everyone over 18

- By Myles Peterson

The Ky Health vaccinatio­n “sub-hub” is now offering the Astrazenec­a vaccine to anyone over the age of 18 years who can provide informed consent.

KDHS COVID-19 vaccinatio­n co-ordinator Andrea Windridge said the benefits of taking the vaccine were multiple and would prevent serious illness and death should those immunised contract the virus.

“That’s pretty much the advice of everyone at the moment — if you have the opportunit­y to get it then do so,” Ms Windridge said.

Immunisati­on rates have become a benchmark by which the state and federal government­s have agreed to reduce the length and severity of lockdowns.

National Cabinet, a body comprised of all the state and territory leaders and the Prime Minister, decided late last month that when 80 per cent of the adult population was fully vaccinated, lockdowns would no longer be used to control the spread of COVID-19.

As of Monday, close to 20 per cent of adults in Victoria were fully vaccinated; however, that number is rising more quickly as a surge in young people seek to get vaccinated in light of the recent outbreaks and the change in rules to allow those under-40 to receive Astrazenec­a.

It is no longer necessary to see a doctor to receive

Astrazenec­a, according to Ms Windridge.

“The Department of Health changed that so our immunisers can take consent from people,” she said.

“They just have to be aware there is increased risk for anyone under the age of 60.”

That risk involves a “very rare but serious side effect called thrombosis in combinatio­n with thrombocyt­openia”, according to the Federal Department of Health, which may affect four to six people in a million.

But the benefits far outweighed the extremely small risk, according to Ms Windridge, and bookings were available at the sub-hub, which operates on Mondays at Ky Health.

Anyone interested in receiving a COVID-19 vaccinatio­n is urged to make an appointmen­t via the Coronaviru­s Hotline on 1800 675 398 or at www.coronaviru­ book-your-vaccineapp­ointment

If you have any trouble with the booking system, phone 5857 0293 and leave your name and number.

 ??  ?? KDHS COVID-19 administra­tor Kerrie Cox and COVID-19 vaccinatio­n sub-hub co-ordinator Andrea Windridge.
KDHS COVID-19 administra­tor Kerrie Cox and COVID-19 vaccinatio­n sub-hub co-ordinator Andrea Windridge.

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