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Great game ends in draw


Hornets and Gators played out a thrilling 26-26 draw in the Grade 3/4/5 division of Kyabram Youth Club’s basketball competitio­n on Monday evening.

Hornets captain Liam Mcinnes channelled his inner Patty Mills and finished the game-high scorer with 22 points.

He had his team six points to the good at the start of the final quarter, but when the Gators came charging back, it was his pivotal late rebound that put a stop to a potential gamewinnin­g foray.

Liam leapt athletical­ly into the air for a defensive rebound, thrust his arms back and grabbed the ball out of the hands of his taller Gators’ opponent.

His teammate Ben Barnard also did something unexpected late in the game when he stepped in to make a screen. This set Ayden King on an another down-the-line advance. All game Ayden handled the ball crisply and was able to evade the defenders’ advances.

For Gators, Jimmy Goff-quinn got value from staying close to his ring, particular­ly in the dying minutes when he scored goals from the side.

New player Archie Sheppard used his height to reel in the ball and also found net from away from the basket in an impressive debut match.

In the other match, Raptors were too strong for Wildcats, winning 50-12, but the scoreline did not do the Wildcats justice.

They trailed 10-6 at quarter-time, and had many opportunit­ies to score. However, they were held to just six more points for the rest of the game.

Cruz Kreymborg was again Raptors top scorer with 18. Jett Kreymborg and Oliver Walley scored 12 apiece and another new player Reily Frazer had eight.

For Wildcats, Nate Schbach and Gelo Rupido both discovered how to put space between themselves and their defenders. Jack Miller contested strongly in the air and Lindsay Alley made some good passes to put his team in advantage.

In the Prep/grade 1/2 competitio­n, Hornets upset top team Gators 38-4.

Eli Coombs continues to improve and he scored 20 points mostly by capitalisi­ng on his strength under the ring.

Oscar Andison also benefited from Eli's quality passing game and scored 12. Archie Andison had four and Cooper Ohlsen two.

Tyler Nicholson scored all Gators four points.

The Gators were missing a key play maker and will enjoy his services next week.

Kaden Cooper and Lenny Perrella scored 10 points apiece and helped their Raptors side to a 22-14 victory over Wildcats.

Kaden is also growing a reputation as a strong defender and he caused many turnovers for his team.

In perhaps his best game, Jacob King took some telling rebounds, fought strongly for the ball when it was on the ground and scored two points.

Diminutive Prep student Oliver Mcinnes posted eight points and was Wildcats top scorer. Wes Smith was Wildcats other scorer. Tommy Goff-quinn and Jeremy Alley are continuing to make improvemen­ts. New player Billy Sheppard had a good first-up game.

The Grade 6/Year 7/8 division, again played an entertaini­ng scratch match.

They are hoping for more players to join their ranks so that formal competitio­n can begin.

The girls league members are also keen for more players to join them on Tuesdays at 5.15pm.

Kyabram Youth Club is regrowing the sport of basketball in Kyabram. It is working with Basketball Victoria to achieve affiliatio­n with the peak body. The only thing that stands in the way of Kyabram Youth Club entering into Basketball Victoria is players.

If you would like your daughter or son to get involved in basketball, call 0414 815 527.

The girls’ league starts at 5.15pm and finishes around 6pm on Tuesdays at Kyabram Youth Club.

 ??  ?? The Gators and Hornets teams after their 26-all draw on Monday.
The Gators and Hornets teams after their 26-all draw on Monday.

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