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Stay ahead of the curve

- By Maddy Fogarty

Michelle Fitzgerald wants her clients to stay ahead of the curve — and says it can be achieved with a holistic approach.

The personal trainer has channelled her drive into using her gym Curves to help its women-only members to be in the best shape they can.

That doesn’t mean all turning out for the next body building competitio­n; instead, Michelle has split her approach into three pillars: health, fitness and vitality.

And they work through a series of classes in-person when gyms reopen but can also be used online from home just as effectivel­y — with classes from nutrition and personal training to mentoring, fitness and more.

It must all be working, because during this year’s Women’s Health Week her Curves gym is celebratin­g its 15-year milestone.

Michelle said her gym also worked hard to keep members focused on their wellbeing by inviting guest speakers to talk about a range of topics related to women’s health.

“We feature everything from podiatrist­s to nutritioni­sts to speakers educating members on osteoporos­is and bone density tests,” Michelle said.


“For us it’s a week well spent reminding women they need to look after themselves both inside and out.”

But while the pause button has been pressed on the in-person celebratio­ns — at least until lockdown is done — Michelle has made sure all members can still access the classes they need.

“Women often forget to put themselves first,” Michelle said.

“There’s kids to think of and then there’s work and then they find room for themselves after that.

“And when they finally do come around to prioritisi­ng themselves, they feel better, and it actually flows on to the rest of their lives.”

Michelle has allowed members easy access to the workouts they need — letting them take equipment home for the duration of lockdown and providing a series of online classes both pre-recorded and live.

“Members who have been unable to access our Facebook Lives, Mycurves on Demand virtual workouts or take home a spin bike or step, have been gifted with a free month to compensate for our health club being closed during the latest lockdown,” she said.

“After the past 18 months people have realised they really do need to exercise for their mental health and we’re more than happy to help with that.

“And we’ve got programs for every individual’s fitness level.”

For more informatio­n on how Curves can help you access your healthiest self, visit au or email Michelle at curveskyab­

 ??  ?? Get moving:
Stay ahead of the curve with women’s health at Curves Kyabram.
Get moving: Stay ahead of the curve with women’s health at Curves Kyabram.

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