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8 easiest and musthave herbs to grow at home

– PART 2


We continue our guide to eight of the easiest herbs to grow at home and some essential things you should know before you get started.


While Lavender isn’t technicall­y a herb, it’s still a wonderful plant to grow as a part of an edible garden. You can use it for baking, making your drawers smell sweet and for adding fragrance to bathroom products.

Lavender loves the full sun so make sure you can accommodat­e its needs before you plant it. Lavender likes a well-drained pot, but give it lots of water at least once a week.


Chives like the cold weather so winter is when you’ll get the best out of your chive plants.

If you plant chives under the right conditions they can overwhelm your garden so make sure you keep an eye on any neighbouri­ng plants. Chives love full sun, cool weather and moist soil that’s fertile and well-drained.

Chives are a delicious addition to winter soups and are also fantastic when stirred into dips and sauces.


Keen to start growing herbs and seeing your produce flourish fast? Fragrant and fast-growing, mint is an easy-to-grow and very useful addition to an at-home herb garden.

Mint likes a nice mixture of sun and shade and thrives well in gardens, pots and containers. Make sure you place mint plants about 40cm apart to allow for rapid growth and to discourage the roots from overcrowdi­ng.

Mint can be used in a variety of different dishes including salads, stir-frys and even in hot drinks.


Anyone that loves roast chicken or roast pork needs to be growing sage in the garden.

It’s easy to grow in pots and the flowers are bee-attracting so will go a long way in helping not just your garden, but all the gardens in the neighbourh­ood.

Sage loves full sun and well-drained soil. It goes well in all kinds of dishes from roast pork and chicken dishes to scrambled eggs or gnocchi. lifestyle/8-of-the-easiest-herbs-to-grow-at-home/

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