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Pharmacist says Ky has been slow to get jab


Cr Mackrell said if people were hesitant they should consult their family GP and get more of an understand­ing about what was right for them.

Pharmacist Peter Pantazopou­los, from Ian Collie Pharmacy in Kyabram, said he had seen a slower-than-expected uptake in the town.

“We aim to conduct clinics in Kyabram, because the vaccines come as a 10-dose pack," Mr Pantazopou­los said.

"We just haven’t had the numbers to do that in Kyabram."

Mr Pantazopou­los, who also operates a Tatura pharmacy, said there was a stark contrast between what he was seeing in Tatura and vaccinatio­n numbers in Kyabram.

“I haven’t done a clinic in Kyabram for a week. We have been seeing that over the last few weeks,” he said.

Moderna and Astrazenec­a are available from the Kyabram pharmacy, but the Moderna vaccine only has a month-long shelf life.

“Fortunatel­y we have not had to waste any vials," he said.

"Where possible I have used them at Tatura, but we also have the ability to give them to other areas.

“The government is very tight on wastage.” Mr Pantazopou­los said he had been adding some of the Kyabram pharmacy’s allocation to the Tatura roster.

“We have calculated for the two pharmacies," he said.

"As a last resort we would offer vaccines to an out-of-town pharmacy.

“I am not sure if people are getting the right informatio­n.

"I would ask them to speak to their doctor or pharmacist.

“There just hasn’t been much uptake in Kyabram.”

Mr Pantazopou­los said he was doing vaccinatio­ns every day, and on weekends, at his Tatura clinic.

“Initially we were only doing Astrazenec­a, now everyone is opting for Moderna," he said.

“There is a six-week wait between doses with Astra and three weeks with Moderna."

The Pfizer vaccine is not available at pharmacies, it is only available at GPS.

Mr Pantazopou­los said the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines were similar.

“There really isn’t much of a difference between the two, only that the Moderna is available at your local pharmacy and we have appointmen­ts available,” he said.

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