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New Ky realtor strikes while the market is red hot

- By Zac Standish

A red hot real estate market and the advice of colleagues inspired Sharryn Dawes to start her own real estate brand in Kyabram.

She has officially started as an independen­t server for the region, under the umbrella of national company Eview.

Ms Dawes has been working for herself for the past month and a half and is looking to grow what is an already rapidly developing local clientele.

Ms Dawes last week explained the backstory behind moving forward with this exciting new venture to the Free Press.

“I started in real estate about six years ago in Torquay and have been on and off throughout that time — we then made the decision to make the move up here in March last year right before the pandemic hit,” Ms

Dawes said.

“There is not a lot of female-directed agencies around here and through my previous experience­s in Shepparton and some advice of some of my bosses there pointed towards it being best if I went out on my own and become an independen­t agent.”

Since becoming an independen­t agent, she said the response from her clients had been fantastic and made the move a smooth one.

“It has been really good so far, I have had a lot of previous clients that have reached out, which has been fantastic, and I have had a few listing down in Mooroopna, one of which sold within 21 hours,” she said.

“The market is still red hot so it really is the best time for me to be doing this. Obviously with the lockdowns it has been hard, but we do have the options of virtual tours as well so overall it has been a very positive start.”

Reflecting on her journey in the industry, Ms Dawes said one afternoon drive with her father prompted her immediate love for real estate.

“About seven years ago I was driving through a town called Cannon’s Creek, and we drove past an auction that was happening and I immediatel­y turned to my dad and said ‘that is what I want to do’,” she said.

“A year later I had done my agent’s rep certificat­e and linked in with an agency down in Torquay and just started in reception there before moving my way up the ranks and then after moving up here I managed to find my way into sales.”

Ms Dawes outlined what she hoped to get out of this exciting new chapter of her career.

“Growing the company will be fantastic, if we got the rentals to a state of growing the business we will be employing that local person to help with that,” she said.

As for a message to the Kyabram community, Ms Dawes said she was keen to bring on new clients.

“It is always nice to have a fresh face, a fresh outlook and an opinion even, it is having that flexibilit­y that I can be there full time and can give people that extra attention, which I think is really important.”

 ?? ?? Passionate: Sharryn Dawes has opened her own real estate firm.
Passionate: Sharryn Dawes has opened her own real estate firm.

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