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Million dollar moment

- By Rohan Aldous

Mention the word pickles in the Brassil household and you are bound to get an immediate response — usually a laugh.

Hannah Brassil’s two teenage children remind her regularly of her “narrow miss” in a radio competitio­n where she answered nine of her 10 questions correctly before being timed out by the buzzer — only to scream out the answer, ‘pickles’, half a second after her time had run out.

But no-one is laughing now as the Free Press administra­tor has the chance to win $1 million early next month as part of the Carrie (Bickmore) and Tommy (Little) Hit FM Alpha Bucks radio competitio­n.

Hannah is a self confessed Alpha Bucks “junky”, her pre-work routine usually allowing for a call from the radio station before manning the front desk of the newspaper office.

Hannah won herself a spot in the $1 million cash grab, scheduled for November 4.

Here’s how the game works, for the uninitiate­d.

Contestant­s receive a call from a long list of listeners who have registered, they then have 30 seconds live

Kyabram Free Press on the radio to provide 10 answers starting with a letter they are given by the announcers — like a high-pressure version of Scattergor­ies.

“To get on I have to register with the Listnr app. Then if you are lucky enough you get a call,” she said.

There is no limit on how many times you can enter, but Hannah has only registered the once.

She completed the 10 correct answers on her fourth attempt, with the letter ‘K’.

“When they said the letter I was pretty happy. I remember a couple of them, one was an island off the coast of Australia (Kangaroo), another was a musical instrument (kazoo).

“Before getting the 10 I had gotten nine out of 10 three times, prior to the $1 million promotion. That was to win $500” she said.

Son Toby, 14, and 13-year-old daughter Hayley, along with husband Juke, are now her training partners at home — even though she needs no encouragem­ent.

Alpha Bucks runs four times a day and around 30 people have qualified for the $1 million pay day, Hannah hoping that COVID regulation­s allow them to make the trip for a two-night stay in Melbourne for the November competitio­n.

“It will really be luck of the draw on the day. All our names will be drawn out in a random order and the first one to get the 10 answers right will win the money,” she said.

“It’s bigger than the Melbourne Cup barrier draw.”

This is the first time Hit FM has put the $1 million up for grabs, with Hannah under no illusions what the money would be used for.

“It will be spent on a house. We have moved three times in the last four years, as renters,” she said.

“I’ve been renting since I was 17. My husband and I have been trying to get a deposit together to buy our own home, it’s just so hard while having to pay such high rent.

“There’s not much left to save, so winning the money would be an absolute blessing.”

Free Press readers should tune in to Hit FM on November 4 when Hannah could get her shot to win $1 million.

 ?? ?? Alpha female: winning $1 million. administra­tor Hannah Brassil has a shot at
Alpha female: winning $1 million. administra­tor Hannah Brassil has a shot at

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