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KDHS secures fire system replacemen­t funds


Kyabram hospital’s 15-yearold fire system will be replaced after a successful applicatio­n for funding from the Regional Health Infrastruc­ture Fund.

Kyabram District Health Service announced the grant, worth $408,250, earlier this week.

The funds will replace the current fire system, installed in 2006, and will enable the hospital to consolidat­e the multiple fire panels into the one system.

Establishe­d in 2016, the Victorian Government’s Regional Health Infrastruc­ture Fund aims to improve health services and agencies in rural and regional Victoria.

The funding is available to expand capacity, improve safety, quality and efficiency and deliver better care to patients, no matter where they live.

KDHS will replace the existing main and sub fire panels with new panels, replace the existing emergency warning and intercom panel, as well as rewire speaker circuits to meet Australian standards.

The work will also replace the existing detectors with addressabl­e detectors and replace existing WIP phones.

Acting chief executive Wendy Ross said KDHS had a strong focus on achieving value for money and realised the benefits underpinni­ng the project objectives.

“Procuremen­t principles will be consistent with government and department­al policies and guidelines, and in line with our submission for the funding,” she said.

“The funding will contribute to all direct and indirect costs including design and constructi­on costs, preliminar­y and overhead, contingenc­ies, escalation, purchase and shipping, as well as permits.

“Fire alarm systems for health care facilities must be designed for early detection, accurate location annunciati­on, fire department notificati­on, and control of the high voltage alternatin­g current system.”

She said the system was designed to initiate a planned response by all KDHS staff and the fire brigade without disturbing patients unnecessar­ily and ensuring any fire was under control quickly.

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