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Equipment grants program still open


Sporting clubs across the state which have been hit by unforeseen circumstan­ces, like theft or fire, are in for a welcome shot in the arm.

The Victorian Government has extended a hand out to clubs hit by events such as equipment theft and natural disaster through its Emergency Sporting Equipment Grants program.

Community Sport Minister Ros Spence announced last Wednesday that 23 Victorian clubs would share in more than $38,000 from the program to help atone for losses suffered by clubs which were out of their control.

“We’re proud to be helping clubs get back on their feet so they can continue doing what they do best — bringing communitie­s together and helping people play the sport they love,” Spence said. “This is about supporting clubs to return to normal operations quickly after suffering setbacks beyond their control.”

The grants are designed to help provide fast and functionab­le support to get clubs up and running again in their time of need by replacing essential sports equipment lost through fire, theft and other setbacks.

This program is one of a chain of support packages offered by the Victorian Government, the largest being its Community Sport Sector COVID-19 Survival Package.

So far more than 6000 clubs, leagues, associatio­ns and other organisati­ons across Victoria have benefitted from the survival package and have tapped into the $50 million available to assist in keeping grassroots organisati­ons afloat.

With applicatio­ns closing on October 29, clubs, associatio­ns and leagues can apply for a share of the package at https://sport.vic.

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