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Koyuga meet-up with Nicholls candidates

- By Dylan Brown

About 30 people attended the Koyuga Town Hall to meet the candidates vying for the seat of Nicholls in the upcoming Federal Election.

One Nation member Rikkielee Tyrrell, Liberal Steve Brooks and Independen­t Rob Priestly were in attendance.

Each candidate was given a couple minutes to make their case for being elected before being questioned by those in attendance.

Mr Brooks began by discussing his strong family roots to the Nicholls area and credited the other candidates for their intentions.

“With all due respect to independen­ts and minor parties, they can make promises but they are not going to be in government,” he said.

“Although we all may have the right intentions, being able to deliver is a big part as to why I am standing.”

Ms Tyrrell called Mr Brooks’ comments out, saying that if there was a hung parliament, independen­ts and minor parties would have a major influence on who took government.

Mr Priestly, who grew up on dairy farms at Undera and Katandra, said political tension was needed to create change in the community.

“You need two things to get results as a community: you need political tension so the community have a choice of somewhere else to go and you need to be organised in what you want,” he said.

During the debate, the Murray-darling Basin Plan was discussed, with Mr Priestly saying he would vote on everything based on the agenda of the community.

Mr Brooks said from day one he had brought up the issue of water in Nicholls.

“If you are serious about outcomes with water, supporting an independen­t is one vote in a 151-seat parliament,” Mr Brooks said.

Ms Tyrrell said One Nation had spent the past four years investigat­ing the plan and recently made recommenda­tions on changes her party would make to keep water in the seat of Nicholls.

Mr Priestly said emissions that came from the dairy industry should be excluded.

“There is a static amount of methane emissions from cattle in the atmosphere,” he said.

“As they break down they are replaced and those carbon emissions are drawn back in.”

Mr Brooks said net zero would not be achieved through taxes on farms and manufactur­ing.

“We want to pursue a policy where as the technology gets better we can use it but we are not going to be taxing our businesses just because our tech isn’t there,” he said.

Ms Tyrrell said One Nation wanted to withdraw from the Paris Agreement all together.

 ?? ?? Open discussion: Rikkie-lee Tyrrell (One Nation), Steve Brooks (Liberal) and Rob Priestly (independen­t).
Open discussion: Rikkie-lee Tyrrell (One Nation), Steve Brooks (Liberal) and Rob Priestly (independen­t).

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