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Peaceful moments

- — Rev’d Jacob Kelly St Andrew’s Kyabram

The unfortunat­e fact of life is that suffering is never too far away.

Our world is full of tragedy and trauma.

Sickness, death, grief and loss constantly surround us and those whom we love.

It causes us to question our life and whether there is truly any meaning at all.

Recently we celebrated the events of Easter, in which we find a story through which we are able to make sense of life and live our lives with hope.

For through the Easter story, we see that in Jesus Christ, God suffered as one of us.

The events of Good Friday recall how Jesus was abandoned and betrayed by all.

He is mocked and beaten, his dignity is removed and his body wastes away as he dies on the cross.

He feels anguish and suffering beyond what many of us can relate too.

Yet! Despite all of the suffering and trauma Jesus encounters, we see that on Easter Sunday, Jesus was raised to life.

He overcame death and was not held back by the trauma of the experience­s in his worldly life.

Easter is the reminder that that despite all of the horrors of life in this world, we have hope for a better life, an eternal life of peace which transcends any of the sufferings we face.

And we see this reflected in the Easter Holiday.

As a child, I used to love the Easter long weekend.

Unlike Christmas, which was always so full and stressful, I found that Easter was quiet, refreshing and seemed to rejuvenate my soul in a way that no other time of year could.

Easter is the time of year when striving ceases.

When the ordinary hustle and bustle of normal life temporaril­y pauses for four days.

When shops are closed, work is stopped and the roads become strangely empty (or for a day or two at the very least).

They call the Melbourne Cup the “race that stops the nation”, and I would say it is fitting to call Easter the “holiday that makes the nation stop”.

To me, this points us to the divine reality of Easter, to the significan­ce of an event.

So, what about this event is so significan­t?

This event remembers how Jesus, who was God himself, died so that death might be no more.

This event remembers how after three days, Jesus was raised to life and brought peace to all those who would follow in his ways and put their trust in him.

Through the Easter Holiday, we are reminded that because of the death and resurrecti­on of Christ, there will one day be a time when all striving ceases, not just for the weekend, but for all time.

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