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How to style your succulents Give your courtyard or patio an instant refresh!


Succulents are popular for a reason. For the green thumbs amongst us, they’re an easy way to add more foliage to your outdoor areas. Better still, if gardening isn’t your thing, succulents are ultra-low maintenanc­e and perfect for beginners.

There’s a misconcept­ion about succulents that they’re impossible to kill – which, we’re sorry to say, is untrue.

Succulents thrive in containers (think: pots and planters) which makes them an ideal option for dressing up your balcony, patio or alfresco area. Just make sure that your plants are placed in a position where they’ll take the brunt of the sun for the majority of the day – these sun-loving plants are happiest when drenched in sunshine.

Styling your succulents in 3 steps

So you’ve identified a suitable area for your succulents to thrive – now, it’s time for the fun part: styling your outdoor area. While it’s easy to get carried away, remember that simplicity is key as there is nothing worse than an over cluttered balcony with 50 potted plants taking up every inch of room. Make sure you leave room to move!

1. Choose a stylish pot

Begin by choosing a stylish yet functional pot that works with the tones and existing décor of the area. 2. Create a succulent party

Better Homes and Gardens gardening expert Melissa King suggests decking out your planter or pot with a combinatio­n of succulents and grasses, creating a stylish, low maintenanc­e feature.

3. Play with proportion­s

Selecting pots and planters that reflect your decor or colour palette is a given. But also try to select a variety of sizes, too! By playing with proportion­s and pairing big pots with small ones, you’ll be able to group plants together more easily.

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