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As one of the most im­por­tant el­e­ments of the hu­man body, wa­ter makes up ap­prox­i­mately 70 per­cent of our mus­cles, and about 75 per­cent of our brain, play­ing a vi­tal role in the proper func­tion­ing of the body, and mak­ing it an es­sen­tial part of a healthy diet. Drink­ing wa­ter also forces fat to be used as fuel, mak­ing it one of the main keys to suc­cess in shed­ding any ex­tra pounds. And, with­out ad­e­quate wa­ter, kid­neys are un­able to func­tion prop­erly - prompt­ing the liver to pick up the slack. This causes ad­di­tional prob­lems for di­eters be­cause the liver can­not prop­erly me­tab­o­lize stored fat as en­ergy, re­sult­ing in more fat be­ing stored in the body. Fur­ther­more, wa­ter ef­fec­tively sup­presses ap­petites, aids in proper di­ges­tion, and acts as one of the ve­hi­cles for cir­cu­lat­ing nu­tri­ents and oxy­gen through the body, as well as as­sist­ing the body in elim­i­nat­ing waste. Wa­ter lu­bri­cates joints, pro­tects or­gans, helps main­tain a nor­mal body tem­per­a­ture, and is ab­so­lutely nec­es­sary for ex­er­cise, and even day- to- day per­for­mance. With this in mind, it’s easy to un­der­stand why drink­ing enough wa­ter - a min­i­mum of TEN, 8-ounce glasses a day, ev­ery day - is per­haps the sin­gle most im­por­tant step in de­ter­min­ing diet and fit­ness suc­cess. (((a more de­tailed for­mula for de­ter­min­ing the ex­act amount of wa­ter your par­tic­u­lar body needs each and ev­ery day to func­tion at it’s best can be found on page 63 of Max­i­mize Your Me­tab­o­lism - get it now at www.Me­gaMetabolism.com))) How­ever, be­cause the av­er­age body loses 8 to 12 cups of wa­ter a day, this can be a chal­lenge. Start by try­ing to drink 10 glasses each day, and work up to one full gal­lon per day. Sound tough? Don’t get dis­cour­aged. With the fol­low­ing sug­ges­tions, you’ll find drink­ing enough wa­ter is not hard, and will be well worth the ini­tial ef­fort by quickly bring­ing into your life all the pos­i­tive changes you’re look­ing for in­clud­ing fat loss, health­ier skin/hair and nails, in­creased en­ergy and alert­ness, and far more. Start to­mor­row by drink­ing a glass of wa­ter when you wake up. For a nice morn­ing pick me up you might even add a few ta­ble­spoons of lemon juice and a small pinch of cayenne pep­per to your first glass. Then pre­pare a large wa­ter bot­tle to take with you on your drive to work or to school. You can even try putting the bot­tle in the freezer the night be­fore, and fill­ing it with wa­ter right be­fore you leave to start your day. This keeps the wa­ter cooler longer, and en­sures it will be a good drink­ing tem­per­a­ture dur­ing your morn­ing com­mute. I used to start ev­ery morn­ing by spend­ing al­most two hours de­vour­ing the lo­cal news­pa­per. Af­ter I’d read about all the mur­ders, rapes, em­bez­zle­ments, drug over­doses and all other man­ner of may­hem, I’d head to the of­fice – and al­ways won­dered why I felt so bad when I got there :-) For over ten years now I’ve started ev­ery day by read­ing in­spi­ra­tional and mo­ti­va­tional ma­te­rial, and it’s amaz­ing what’s hap­pened in my life... or is it? It’s an old worn ex­pres­sion but “garbage in, garbage out” might just be true. I’ve got sev­eral fa­vorite sources for my daily in­spi­ra­tion, and one of them is called “In­sight of the Day.” It’s a short mo­ti­va­tional or in­spi­ra­tional quote that pro­vides some­thing pos­i­tive to fo­cus on through­out the day. Th­ese short, pow­er­ful daily emails Keep me mo­ti­vated. I’ve ar­ranged for all my read­ers to get this valuable ad­van­tage ab­so­lutely F*REE, but only if you sign up be­fore the end of to­day at my per­sonal link: http://www.wealth­habits.com Drink a glass of wa­ter in be­tween ev­ery meal, and a glass in the evening, but not to close to bed­time. Take a filled wa­ter bot­tle with you wher­ever you go. This makes get­ting the wa­ter you need easy, and en­sures you will look bet­ter (and feel bet­ter). At work, keep your wa­ter bot­tle filled and with you at your desk. Reach for it in­stead of un­nec­es­sary, high-sugar, high-fat snacks. Sip on it all day, adding ice cubes and ad­di­tional wa­ter as needed. Next, change from caf­feinated cof­fee, tea and soda to de­caf­feinated al­ter­na­tives. Caf­feine de­pletes your wa­ter sup­ply, and can make it dif­fi­cult for your body to get all the wa­ter it needs. For ev­ery caf­feinated bev­er­age you drink, drink an ad­di­tional glass of wa­ter. This small step can make a big dif­fer­ence. Keep in mind that ex­er­cise, hot weather, low hu­mid­ity, al­ti­tude, a high-fiber diet, and con­sump­tion of caf­feine and al­co­holic bev­er­ages all in­crease your daily wa­ter loss. Dur­ing th­ese times, take ex­tra steps to en­sure you off­set the in­creased wa­ter loss with in­creased wa­ter con­sump­tion. Keep up the wa­ter in­take - I’ll see you in 7 days to check in on your progress and to give you the sec­ond Se­cret in our Health & Fit­ness Tac­tics Course.

The un­sung hero - Wa­ter. It plays a vi­tal role in the proper func­tion­ing of the body, and is an es­sen­tial part of a healthy diet.

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