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Ladies GOLF - - State News - CATHRYN Mered­ith ex­plores the mys­ter­ies of di­et­ing

Iwas re­cently asked by a good friend ‘I’ve tried ev­ery diet avail­able to keep my weight down. I seem to reach my tar­get but al­ways strug­gle to keep it off?’ This is a com­mon prob­lem I hear from ladies (and men) and we are con­tin­u­ally bom­barded with new di­ets week in, week out, some work, some don’t…and our eat­ing habits have be­come a ma­jor is­sue to our health and looks.

TWO out of three Aus­tralian adults and one in four chil­dren are now over­weight or obese ac­cord­ing to the lat­est check up on the na­tion’s health. We are giv­ing up smoking and are drink­ing less but the lat­est Aus­tralian Bureau of Sta­tis­tics Health Sur­vey shows we’re eat­ing more. The num­ber of over­weight Aus­tralians had risen by 2 mil­lion in 2011-12 when com­pared to the last re­port in 2007-08. The stats show 56% of women are weigh­ing in too heavy while the males have the big­gest prob­lem with more than 70 per cent.

I would like you to cast your mind back to De­cem­ber 31st and how many of you made a New Year res­o­lu­tion? Now, how many of you ac­tu­ally achieved your tar­get? ….sta­tis­tics say ‘very few!

So, why don’t New Year res­o­lu­tions and other prom­ises we make to our­selves suc­ceed?

Read any sur­vey and you will find weight-loss and more ex­er­cise ap­pear within the top 3 of New Years Res­o­lu­tions. Oth­ers in­clude stop smoking, cut­ting back on al­co­hol and im­prov­ing re­la­tion­ships.

But the ques­tion is ‘why do we make res­o­lu­tions in the first place?’

Typ­i­cally the end of the year is a time for re­flec­tion of the pre­vi­ous 12 months with most of the fo­cus fall­ing upon bad habits and how mirac­u­lously the 1st of Jan­uary will be the be­gin­ning of the ‘new you’. In­vari­ably, by the 9th Jan­uary it’s back to your old ways. So, are there any tips on how to stick to your change of life­style, whether it is Jan­uary or any other time of year?

The first thing you need to do is re­al­ize they ARE worth the ef­fort. Ma­jor life­style changes do work, but have to be ap­proached the right way. Your res­o­lu­tions need to be tar­geted like ‘I want to lose ex­actly five ki­los’, and then you need a re­al­is­tic and man­age­able plan that’s very spe­cific like, “I’m go­ing to ex­er­cise 15 min­utes a day OR I’m go­ing to cut out fatty foods”. It’s well doc­u­mented that it takes 21 days to change a habit. Most peo­ple give up af­ter the first week. You need to un­der­stand that you can never just give up a bad habit – you must re­place it. For ex­am­ple, that 15 min­utes you spend laz­ing around on the couch needs to be re­placed by the 15 min­utes ex­er­cise. When the habit of open­ing the bar fridge for a beer or wine kicks in, you must learn to open the main fridge and reach for a healthy juice in­stead.

What about weight-loss? Do di­etswork?

Di­ets come and di­ets go and you may find you reach your goal only to fall back into your old regime.

Yo-yo di­et­ing can have ex­treme emo­tional and phys­i­cal ram­i­fi­ca­tions due to the stress that the body is un­der to lose weight quickly. In this process, the di­eter is ini­tially successful but is un­suc­cess­ful in main­tain­ing the loss long-term and be­gins to gain the weight back. The di­eter then seeks to lose the re­gained weight, and the cy­cle be­gins again.

The in­stant grat­i­fi­ca­tion of los­ing the weight even­tu­ally gives way to old eat­ing habits that cause weight gain and emo­tional dis­tress. So you are back on the roller­coaster with another diet bring­ing on the weight-cy­cle.

There are three dif­fer­ent types of eaters: An emo­tional eater, will be­lieve they have a black hole in­side that needs to be filled with food, which doesn’t work. A sen­sory eater will re­act to ad­verts or any kind of vis­ual stim­u­la­tion and that’s it, they want to eat. And there are ha­bit­ual eaters who might eat a sug­ary cake for lunch, and have din­ner late at night with an al­co­holic bev­er­age. Be­cause it is ha­bit­ual the weight piles on.

So you have to cus­tom­ize your diet ac­cord­ingly.

Make sure your change of diet is one you can stick with, and forget crash di­ets or fads that are un­re­al­is­tic to main­tain with your life­style. Re­con­sider the whole no­tion of di­et­ing as a tem­po­rary fix. Think of what you’re do­ing as a per­ma­nent life­style shift: Tell your­self “This is how I eat now.”

Let’s re­mem­ber it is the brain, which picks up the hunger pangs and sends out sig­nals to eat but as with ev­ery­thing in life if your think­ing is un­clear and mud­dled it is so easy to con­tinue with bad eat­ing habits.

So what if you could re-train your brain to en­sure you avoid fat­ten­ing foods and sugar loaded drinks. Just imag­ine your brain is a com­puter and you are re-pro­grammed to choose healthy, slim­ming op­tions all of the time. By coach­ing the mind to think dif­fer­ently your crav­ings abate and your weight-man­age­ment is­sues be­come sim­ple as you shed the ki­los, feel more en­er­getic and most im­por­tant of all it be­comes ‘auto-pi­lot’ so you never fall off the wagon again.

Well, the Team at LookGood IQ have rev­o­lu­tion­ized how thousands of peo­ple have been able to break their bad eat­ing habits and use the power of their sub­con­scious mind to get their life back and a body they have de­sired to have for years. Us­ing Dr Ja­son Gregg’s ISM tech­niques the 4-week mp3 au­dio program teaches you how to re­lax, de-stress and use guided-im­agery to change the way your brain re­acts when pre­sented with fatty, un­healthy op­tions.

There’s no need to trudge down to a clinic as the pow­er­ful program is used with head­phones in the com­fort of home. LookGood IQ is not about the lat­est diet or craze. Quite sim­ply, to change your shape, first, you must change your mind. LookGood IQ pro­vides you with the men­tal tools to get to grips with weight man­age­ment LONG TERM.

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