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2019 Landscape Student Prize


Presenting the winners of this year’s Landscape Student Prize.


The work being produced in Australia’s landscape architectu­re schools is at the forefront of pushing boundaries and making new connection­s in our industry, but much of it does not transcend faculty walls to be seen by a wider community. The Landscape Architectu­re Australia Student Prize identifies and shares the finest graduating projects produced in landscape architectu­re education across the country. Australian universiti­es each nominate a student based on their end-of-year presentati­on. The projects are then reviewed by an independen­t jury, which awards one student the national prize.


The spread of winning projects this year includes a proposal that addresses desertific­ation in the northcentr­al African country of Chad by reimaginin­g agricultur­al cycles of farming and grazing as mutually beneficial activities; a scheme that encourages new relationsh­ips between humans and animals through an immersive, sensory zoo environmen­t; and a strategy for an inhabitabl­e renewable energy landscape that utilizes local food waste.

In selecting this year’s winner, the jury was particular­ly struck by the potency and focus of the scope of Revival: Drug Rehabilita­tion Landscape by Oshadi Jayasinghe of Deakin University. The proposal tackles drug addiction, a difficult issue, not often talked about in landscape practice – and intertwine­s it with the reclamatio­n of a post-industrial site. Its innovative approach draws attention to the importance of time in both processes.

The project’s presentati­on evidences many of the skills landscape architects use on a daily basis, with evocative graphics that express a detailed understand­ing of the site’s unique spatial qualities and how these might encourage stewardshi­p and connection to nature. Revival demonstrat­es and expands the role that landscape architectu­re can play in addressing social issues. It is a compelling example of the kinds of thinking that will inspire the discipline’s future developmen­t and its role in promoting social sustainabi­lity.

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