Landscape Architecture Australia

The Future Park Internatio­nal Design Ideas Competitio­n



The Gap by Marti Fooks, Claire Winsor, Suhas Vasudeva and Jacqueline Heggli


The NBN by Alexander Breedon

Parker Model by Steven Chu, Nikola Sormaz, Kate Johnson and Alessandro Antoci


Bay Park by Greg Teague, Tom EmrysEvans, Daniel Drummond, Mark Reilly, Simon Zhao and Kendal McQuire

Continuous Ground by Fionn Byrne

Seeds of Change by Ceci Lathrop, Mo Ritchie, Carl Shepherd, Naomi Barun, Anthony Corbett, Sarah Bridges, Derrick Lim Wei and Jonathan Daly

Lines No Fire Could Burn by Jon Shinkfield, Damien Pericles, Tom Rivard, Alaric Hellawell, Brett Schreurs, Luciana Acquisto, Ross Privitelli and Watkin McLennan

Mud Bourne by Benjamin Hardy-Clements and Joshua Gowers

Melbourne Dynon Valley 2050 by Conybeare Morrison, Farrells and Tract

Forty-Five New Squares by Britta Klingspohn and Heribert Alucha (Open Studio Pty Ltd Architectu­re) in collaborat­ion with Marian Schoen (Food Systems) and Professor Simon Biggs (Gerontolog­y and Social Policy)

Revive: Cemetery as

Public Space by Yiling Shen and Yuchen Gao

Streets as Parks by Fernando Nebot Gomez, Elisabeth Judmaier, Kay Strasser (from the Bauchplan Collective)

Plan Bee by Yi Wang

Melbourne 2051 by David Cardamone

Pro Tempore by Daniel Ichallalen­e and Ailish Cook

Forecastin­g for 2050 by Freya Cameron and Olivia Bloch

Parks and Restitutio­n by Steven Chu, Nikola Sormaz, Kate Johnson and Alessandro Antoci

Meta Homes and Gardens by Tianyi Luo, Thomas Huntingfor­d

Melbourne from Past to Last by Saran Maiprasert,

Pakkasem Tongchai, Thanatcha Tangsuksaw­angporn,

Nithirath Chaemchuen, Sorat Sitthidumr­ong and Patarita Tassanarap­an

Non-place to Place by Ata Tara

Sea Line Park by Yidong Zhao, Jing Peng, Jicheng Dong and Yu Chen

Country Adrift by Martin Nguyen

Melbourne Parklands Masterpark for Marvellous Melbourne: A Continuous Green Corridor to Bring Wildlife back into the City by Chua Hong Zhi

A Constellat­ion of Streams by Diah Paramita, Muhammad Razaq Raudhi, Ken Fernanda and Haidar El Haq

Suburb As Park by Keith Brown, Naomi Gilbert, Laura Oakley, Trevor Shilton, Stephen Horan, Gabriel Moczar, Tom Roberts, Shimon Regev, Kurt Cole, Matthew Mackay and Chloe Street

Future Park Competitio­n Exhibition Line by Travis Walsh, Will Riley and Felix Zhan

ø5km Park by Ethan Reid, Scott Greenhalgh, Sam Gould, Greer Carmine, Divya Bishnoi, Henry Crothers, Cory Manson and Zac Thorp

SHARK (Share-park) System by Qidi Li and Xiaobo Zheng

FuturePark: A Living Network by Andrew Bason, Patrick Graham, Greg Pitts and Kathy Bawden

Multi-deck parks by Matthew May, Mark Janetzki, Adrian Vecino and Sung Chua

City of Melbourne Open Sky Strategy by Alex Georgouras

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