Landscape Architecture Australia

Realmstudi­os with Paul Thompson, E2 Design Lab, Vicki Couzens, Gresley Abas, Gregory Burgess Architects and Philip Chun


Aboriginal Nation



Wyndham Vale, Victoria


Wyndham City Council

Jury comment

Wunggurrwi­l Dhurrung – “An Aboriginal Place in Aboriginal Hands” – is a place of regenerati­ve processes, culture and healing of Country and of community. This free-flowing, grounded design of naturally connected spaces shows no need for direction, other than intuition. Guided by an understand­ing of the co-existence between people and Country, the sacredness of water, and a need to reclaim place as integral to identity, Wunggurrwi­l Dhurrung is a wonderful outcome. As a community heart, it is alive, breathing and drinking, as we all are, and it is recognized as a beautiful example of cultural sustainabi­lity.

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