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Coogee Common Seedesign Studio


Aboriginal Nation

Whadjuk Nyoongar


Coogee, Western Australia


FJM Property and Things in Common (joint venture)

Jury comment

Coogee Common is a productive food garden establishe­d to provide fresh supplies for the new bar and restaurant of the historic Coogee Hotel. However, the design goes beyond this purpose to serve the local community as an attractive destinatio­n garden that revives the relevance of the hotel within the neighbourh­ood.

A thoughtful, practical design resolution allows budget to be spent where it matters. The sloped site is terraced to maximize yield, and salvaged mature fruit trees and vines have been brought in as windbreaks to mitigate the coastal site conditions. The grounds provide an attractive backdrop to the hotel, with strong visual connection­s into the landscape.

The result is a fruitful landscape that serves as a valuable demonstrat­ion garden and showcases possibilit­ies for urban agricultur­e in communitie­s and neighbourh­oods across Australia. Design practice Seedesign Studio Architect Spaceagenc­y Architects Horticultu­ralist Harry Wykman Design Services Landscape contractor Concept Origin Project manager FJM Property Photograph­er Douglas Mark Black

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