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Aboriginal Nation

Turrbal and Yuggera


Newstead, Queensland



Jury comment

From its broader urban design response through to the smallest landscape detailing, Lucent demonstrat­es the value that landscape architects can bring to all stages of a project, when involved from the outset. Collaborat­ion with the local council and consultant­s has resulted in full perimeter activation, with blurred building edges creating verdant, multifunct­ional spill-out spaces that positively interact with the public realm. The split roof awnings are a wonderful innovation for this environmen­t, supporting cascading and climbing plants while drawing sunlight and air into the ground-level retail spaces.

A rigorous horticultu­ral approach seamlessly integrates soils and planting structures into the architectu­re. Careful species selection, based on sun studies and microclima­te conditions, ensures a depth and density of planting that is particular­ly successful for a building of this scale.

The landscape responds well to its context to provide maximum amenity and extensive opportunit­ies for multiple layers of landscape, creating a compelling offering for high-density urban living. Design practice Form Landscape Architects Collaborat­ors Cavcorp; Plazibat Architects Photograph­er Yan Chen

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