Landscape Architecture Australia

Salt Wind Garden Oxigen


Aboriginal Nation



Carrickali­nga, South Australia


Penelope Dargaville

Jury comment

This little garden is celebrated for its big spirit and deep connection to landscape and place. Composed of native plants and locally sourced materials, the garden exists in harmony with the patterns of the sun, the wind and the changing seasons. It challenges preconceiv­ed notions of residentia­l gardens as empty assemblage­s of parts with limited connection­s to place or appreciati­on of the value of ecosystem services. Here instead, carefully considered garden rooms are curated to relate to the landscape and dwelling in different ways, offering a range of immersive experience­s in this coastal setting.

Demonstrat­ing how a sensitive response to the specifics of place can create connection to nature and provide experienti­ally rich spatial opportunit­ies, this is a fine example of a developing imperative to bring nature back into residentia­l gardens.

Landscape architect Oxigen Photograph­er Oxigen

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