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Reimaginin­g Your Creek Realmstudi­os with Alluvium Consulting and E2DesignLa­b


Aboriginal Nation



Melbourne waterways, Victoria


Melbourne Water

Jury comment

This body of interrelat­ed work, carried out across an interconne­cted landscape, creates channelize­d waterways for viability and sustainabi­lity in creek naturaliza­tion – socially, economical­ly and environmen­tally. Simple and bold, the project integrates the landscape exceptiona­lly well within the local context. It is an exemplar in its provision of an appropriat­e level of interventi­on and design for surroundin­g communitie­s and the ways in which they interact with the completed waterways.

The work displays an understand­ing of how to develop sustainabl­e watercours­es that allow nature’s intrinsic qualities to return, while co-existing with people.

The projects also demonstrat­e how to provide a successful landscape outcome that is integrated with engineerin­g infrastruc­ture with multifunct­ional value. This, in turn, enables beautiful structures and associated landscape solutions for water management. Using water as a catalyst, human and natural ecologies are optimized. Design practices Realmstudi­os with Alluvium Consulting and E2DesignLa­b Collaborat­ors Mosaic Insights Photograph­er Rory Gardiner

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