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Suburb Improvemen­t Program Review – Greening Onkaparing­a City of Onkaparing­a


Aboriginal Nation



City of Onkaparing­a, South Australia


City of Onkaparing­a

Jury comment

A Suburb Improvemen­t Program often starts with an honest self-assessment. Through its early findings, the City of Onkaparing­a identified that areas with low canopy cover and an increased urban heat island effect are more often linked to social vulnerabil­ity, where households are less likely to have cars and are more dependent on the walkabilit­y of their streets. The jury was impressed by the City’s ability to clearly communicat­e the project motivation­s and implementa­tion strategies, and its patience in remaining committed to a program initiated more than 10 years ago and reviewed in 2018.

This project speaks volumes about the worth the City places on the health and wellbeing of its most vulnerable constituen­ts and its belief in the value of greener suburbs. Design practice City of Onkaparing­a Images City of Onkaparing­a

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