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Summerland Farm Plummer and Smith with DFJ Architects


Aboriginal Nation Location Bundjalung Alstonvill­e, New South Wales Client Summerland Farm Aruma Jury comment

This project constitute­s a wonderfull­y successful place of inclusion where people with disabiliti­es are central to a farm’s operation. The design has created an interactiv­e, family-friendly activity park that provides both tourism and employment opportunit­ies for the local region. As a visitor attraction, Summerland Farm offers an insight into the regional identity. The design response has evolved out of an understand­ing of the relationsh­ip between the site and its context. The resulting campus provides a sensitive and passive landscape and is an excellent example of how a tourism project might be integrated with a working farm. The farm creates jobs and benefits the local economy, using landscape as a tool. Employment opportunit­ies that enable people with disabiliti­es to work have been emphasized, elegantly creating a new socially and economical­ly sustainabl­e facility for the local community. Design team Plummer and Smith with DFJ Architects Structural engineer Westera Partners Civil engineer SDS Engineerin­g Mechanical and electrical engineer Hawkins Jenkins Ross Hydraulic engineer Glen Monteith Play element architect Project Fort Awesome Play element builder Malcolm Graffin Building Play certifier CCEP Consulting Coordinati­on Planner Newton Denny Chapelle Builder Woollam Constructi­ons and Greenwood Landscape Management Photograph­er Natalie McComas

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