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Xichong Coast Recovery Plan Hassell


Location Xichong, Shenzhen, China Client Shenzhen Bureau of Urban Planning and Natural Resources / Administra­tive Committee of Shenzhen Dapeng New District

Jury comment

This speculativ­e proposal provides a holistic approach to a coastal tourism region near Shenzhen that is impacted by climate change. Negotiatin­g environmen­tal, economic, social and cultural aspects of the region through a long-term, multifacet­ed and multi-scalar strategy, the project is underpinne­d by a strong reading of the site’s ecology and an exploratio­n of how new infrastruc­tures and tourist facilities can shape more resilient landscape systems. Collaborat­ing with an engineer, the landscape team has developed hybrid approaches to infrastruc­ture that support tourism while defending the coastline against typhoons. The jury commends the proposal’s critique of the region’s existing tourist economy and the alternativ­e approach developed, which involves community management of the local industry and the landscapes that support it. Overall, this project demonstrat­es the thinking that landscape architects can bring to complex landscapes undergoing climaterel­ated change in the coming decades.

Landscape architect and urban designer Hassell Collaborat­or

Mott MacDonald Imagery Hassell

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