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Katrina Simon

Katrina Simon is associate dean of landscape architectu­re at RMIT University. Her research focuses on landscape change, explored through cities, maps and cemeteries.

Bede Brennan

Bede Brennan is a senior landscape architect at Pollen Studio. He is interested in urban ecologies and designing for the non-human world.

Katherine Sundermann

Katherine Sundermann is a director at MGS Architects and vice president of Urban Design Forum. She is passionate about supporting public-interest urbanism.

Bonnie Gordon

Bonnie Gordon is a landscape architect, researcher and co-founder of TULA. Her work interrogat­es power and injustice in the built environmen­t.

Lucy Salt

Lucy Salt is a writer, editor and landscape architect. She lives in Melbourne with her family.

Scott Hawken

Scott Hawken is director of the landscape architectu­re program at the University of Adelaide and a landscape architect, urban designer and landscape archaeolog­ist.

Alex Breedon

Alex Breedon is an associate at Aspect Studios and landscape architect at The Offcuts. He has worked profession­ally across China, Europe and Australia.

Philip Belesky

Philip Belesky is a designer, programmer and researcher. His work creates and considers digital tools used by landscape architects.

Martin Bryant

Martin Bryant is professor of landscape architectu­re and course director of landscape architectu­re at UTS. His research focuses on urban ecology and resilience.

Matt Caldar

Matt Caldar is a landscape architect at Snøhetta and a co-founder of the AILA Fresh Mentorship program. His graduating project won the RMIT Landscape Architectu­re Design Research Prize in 2020.

Julia McCann

Julia McCann is a landscape architect, union advocate and co-founder of TULA.

Simon Kilbane

Simon Kilbane is a senior lecturer at Deakin University. He won an AILA National Award of Excellence for Research, Policy and Communicat­ions in 2018.

Jock Gilbert

Jock Gilbert is a registered landscape architect and lecturer at RMIT University’s School of Architectu­re and Urban Design.

Liam Mouritz

Liam Mouritz is a landscape architect based in Perth on Whadjuk Noongar Country. He is a senior urban designer at Hassell.

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