Life & Style Weekend - - MIND - Quiz com­piled by Roy O’Reilly.

1. On which day did 2017 be­gin?

2. Which Ser­bian has won six Aus­tralian Open men’s ten­nis singles ti­tles this cen­tury?

3. Are the metatarsal bones in the foot or hand?

4. A lep­i­dopter­ist spe­cialises in the study of (a) but­ter­flies (b) fish (c) leop­ards?

5. Does the ti­tle char­ac­ter ever ap­pear in Samuel Beck­ett’s 1953 play Wait­ing for Godot?

6. In 2009, which African coun­try is­sued a $100 tril­lion ban­knote?

7. Be­gin­ning with ‘p’, what is the term for the hard­court sur­face of Aus­tralian Open ten­nis courts?

8. In 2016, who asked Pres­i­dent Barack Obama for a par­don for leak­ing clas­si­fied de­tails of the US gov­ern­ment’s sur­veil­lance of ci­ti­zens in 2013?

9. The as­tro­log­i­cal year will be­gin on March 21 un­der which star sign?

10. Which Bri­tish prime min­is­ter re­signed in 1990?

11. Who played in NRL grand fi­nals with the War­riors in 2011, the Roost­ers in 2013 and the Sharks in 2016?

12. An­thony Hop­kins was on screen for how many min­utes in his Os­car for Best Actor role in the 1991 movie The Si­lence of the Lambs – (a) 16 (b) 26 (c) 36?

13. The Olympic rings rep­re­sent the union of five (a) con­ti­nents (b) oceans (c) sports?

14. An­ders Cel­sius, noted for de­vel­op­ing an in­ter­na­tional tem­per­a­ture scale in the 18th cen­tury, was a pro­fes­sor of (a) astronomy (b) botany (c) eco­nom­ics?

15. Be­gin­ning with ‘m’, what is the term for an egg-lay­ing mam­mal?

16. In which 2016 movie did Asa But­ter­field play a Florida teenager try­ing to solve the mys­te­ri­ous death of his grand­fa­ther?

17. Es­to­nian 30-year-old triplets com­peted in which women’s ath­let­ics event at the Rio Olympics?

18. Last year, which so­cial net­work­ing ser­vice apol­o­gised for delet­ing a fa­mous photo of a naked girl in­jured by na­palm in the Viet­nam War, posted by the prime min­is­ter of Nor­way.

19. “I’ve just seen a face. I can’t for­get the time or place where we met,” are lyrics from which song?

20. Be­gin­ning with ‘s’, what is the term for ex­am­in­ing an item at a shop prior to buy­ing it on­line?

21. Which English co­me­dian ran an an­tiques shop af­ter re­tir­ing from show busi­ness?

22. Which ex­er­cise reg­i­men was orig­i­nally known as con­trol­ogy?

23. The daugh­ter of which US singer was noted for play­ing Kristin Shep­ard who shot JR in the TV show Dal­las?

24. What were the given names of TE Lawrence, bet­ter known as Lawrence of Ara­bia?

25. Name the three ten­nis courts with re­tractable roofs used at the Aus­tralian Open.


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