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1. Is mo­hair ob­tained from a species of goat or sheep? 2. Name the only planet not named af­ter a god or god­dess. 3. Be­gin­ning with “o”, what is the term for the study and treat­ment of can­cer? 4. Which is the short­est time (a) mi­crosec­ond (b) nanosec­ond (c) pi­cosec­ond? 5. Which Aus­tralian state cap­i­tal will host the 2018 In­vic­tus Games? 6. What is the term for a tax on le­gal doc­u­ments? 7. In the 2016 movie, The Ac­coun­tant, who played a small-town ac­coun­tant who laun­ders money for in­ter­na­tional drug car­tels? 8. In 1999, which 69-year-old did Peo­ple mag­a­zine name as the Sex­i­est Man of the Cen­tury? 9. In 1943, Italy de­clared war on which for­mer Axis ally? 10. The Larry Seng­stock Medal is awarded to the MVP in the grand fi­nal se­ries in which sport? 11. On Thurs­day, which teams played the first match of the 2017 NRL premier­ship sea­son? 12. French artist Edgar Degas is noted for his paint­ings about (a) danc­ing (b) dogs (c) trees? 13. Rock star Bob Geldof was born in (a) Lon­don (b) Dublin (c) Glas­gow? 14. The name of the hus­band of dual No­bel Prize win­ner Marie Curie was (a) An­ton (b) Jean (c) Pierre? 15. From 1992 to 1995, John Fa­hey was a pre­mier of which Aus­tralian state? 16. Name the large artery in the hu­man thigh. 17. Ba­rooga is in which Aus­tralian state/ter­ri­tory? 18. Be­gin­ning with “t”, which word can mean “end­ing in death” or “a pas­sen­ger air­port build­ing”? 19. “You make me dizzy, Miss Lizzy, when you do the stroll,” are lyrics from which song? 20. The let­ters RSC, a re­sult in Olympic box­ing, stands for what? 21. In 1958, which noted Aus­tralian artist was sen­tenced to six months hard labour for sup­ply­ing liquor to a fel­low in­dige­nous man? 22. In which Charles Dick­ens novel was Pip fi­nan­cially sup­ported by a for­tune made in Aus­tralia? 23. In 1942, over 300 lives were lost when the cruiser Cu­ra­cao col­lided with which Bri­tish ocean liner? 24. Name the foren­sic sci­ence prin­ci­ple which con­tends that the per­pe­tra­tor of a crime will bring some­thing into the crime scene and leave with some­thing from it. 25. Which iconic paint­ing cov­ers an end wall of the din­ing hall at the monastery of Santa Maria delle Gra­zie in Mi­lan, Italy?

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