Know the con­se­quences

If you eat more than you should, take re­spon­si­bil­ity for the re­sult

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I HAVE all the re­spect in the world for my fel­low weight-strug­glers, but when it comes to los­ing weight

there’s re­ally a ba­sic equa­tion that ev­ery­one knows you need to fol­low. Calo­ries, sug­ars, fat grams, carbs – what­ever you want to mea­sure – have to be burned or used by some form of phys­i­cal ex­er­cise.

You ex­pend en­ergy just do­ing your stuff such as breath­ing, walk­ing and func­tion­ing as a hu­man, but if you put more into

your body than you are us­ing, it hangs around as fat. Peo­ple get fat be­cause they eat s*** and don’t ex­er­cise. I un­der­stand that some med­i­cal is­sues can make peo­ple put to on get weightit off, and but that I’m it talk­ing­can be about al­most the im­pos­si­ble­ma­jor­ity here.for th­ese peo­ple

You’re not go­ing to lose weight if you eat truck­loads of crap. Es­pe­cially af­ter you turn 30. It’s a well-doc­u­mented fact that as

your age goes up, your meta­bolic rate goes down. The prob­lem is that the stuff that is bad for us is not nec­es­sar­ily yum­mier, but it’s usu­ally more con­ve­nient and sup­pos­edly cheaper. But here’s a tip – you are not a horse, so don’t eat out of a

bag, and your body is not a chem­i­cal waste dis­posal unit, so it’s best not to pump it full of the s***storm of num­bers and

un­pro­nounce­able names found in ready-to-eat, mass-pro­duced

foods. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no saint when it comes to the “eat­ing right” band­wagon. I hide my choco­late in the empty or­ganic muesli bar box, bought when I had a few ex­tra dol­lars and the box kept for the pur­pose of de­ter­ring hubby and kids from look­ing in there for

my stash.

I usu­ally stay up late for the sole pur­pose of eat­ing the

choco­late with­out hav­ing to share. I go over­board when I catch up with the girls for drinks and nib­bles; I even have a pair of jeans one size too big pre­cisely for th­ese get-to­geth­ers. I’ll bake a cake and prom­ise my­self I’ll be good, but by the time I’ve licked my fin­gers, the bowl and the wooden spoon and

eaten all the of­f­cuts, I might as well have eaten three pieces. But I’m not in de­nial that this is why my butt still jig­gles and I

can’t seem to get rid of that flabby bit that spills out of the top of my bra un­der my shoul­der blades. Let’s face it, you’ve prob­a­bly got a lit­tle bit of ex­tra “pud­ding” be­cause you’ve been eat­ing a few too many ac­tual pud­dings. And that’s cool. Ev­ery­one knows what they need to do to get

the weight off so ev­ery­one makes their own choices when it comes to how you go about it.

This is not about fat-sham­ing, it’s about tak­ing re­spon­si­bil­ity. Go ahead and eat that sec­ond cup­cake or dig into that gourmet carb-loaded de­gus­ta­tion din­ner you posted pic­tures of on Face­book. Just don’t whinge when you suf­fer the bloated food guilts and you can’t get your pants over your thighs.


Ev­ery­one has a food vice or two, but the crit­i­cal thing is know­ing how much you should have.

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