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YOU can as­sess ex­er­cises by look­ing at the risk to ben­e­fit ra­tio. This will vary per­son to per­son. What is safe and ef­fec­tive for one per­son may not be for an­other. How­ever, we’d ar­gue that some ex­er­cises pose more risk than is ac­cept­able. Here are four ex­er­cises that we don’t let our clients do at the Kaizen Cen­tre:

Low back ro­ta­tion stretches

The lower back (lum­bar spine) isn’t de­signed to ro­tate. The up­per back (tho­racic spine) is where most ro­ta­tion in the spine should oc­cur. This stretch forces ro­ta­tion through struc­tures that aren’t de­signed to ro­tate and can make your lower back more un­sta­ble.

A bet­ter op­tion is to keep the lower body still and ro­tate the up­per back. Although they may look sim­i­lar, the ver­sion be­low pro­motes ro­ta­tion in the spine where ro­ta­tion is sup­posed to hap­pen.

Be­hind the neck late pull down

Firstly, when would ever need to forcibly pull down some­thing be­hind your head? This ex­er­cise doesn’t make a lot of sense. Add to that the po­ten­tial dam­age that this ex­er­cise can do to the neck and shoul­ders and you’ve got an­other ex­er­cise that should be left alone

A bet­ter op­tion is to pull the bar down in front of the body. This has bet­ter carry over to real world tasks as well as re­duc­ing the risk to the neck and shoul­ders

Stiff legged dead­lifts

This ex­er­cise is com­monly used as a ham­string strength­en­ing ex­er­cise. This will strengthen ham­strings, but at the ex­pense of putting your lower back at risk. The most com­mon tech­nique flaw found in lift­ing in­juries is lift­ing the load with straight legs. This is a dan­ger­ous tech­nique to use in the gym or any­where else.

A bet­ter op­tion is a tra­di­tion dead­lift (shown left) with bent legs. This shares the load be­tween the ham­strings, glutes, quads and the lower back while teach­ing good lift­ing tech­nique.

Tri­ceps dips

This ex­er­cise puts the front of the shoul­der at risk. There are safer more ef­fec­tive ways to strengthen your arms.

There are a num­ber of bet­ter ex­er­cises to train the tri­ceps (the back of your up­per arms). The push-up (be­low) works the tri­ceps as well as the chest and also your ab­dom­i­nal mus­cles

If you’re look­ing for a safe ef­fec­tive gym pro­gramme please give Hamish a call at the Kaizen Cen­tre on 5479 3411.

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