Life & Style Weekend - - MIND - COM­PILED BY: ROY O’REILLY


1. Which Asian coun­try was named af­ter King Philip II of Spain? 2. What is the med­i­cal term for the hu­man shin­bone? 3. Which anniversar­y of Elvis Pres­ley’s death was re­cently com­mem­o­rated (a) 20th (b) 30th (c) 40th? 4. What is the two-let­ter term for the ra­tio of the cir­cum­fer­ence of a cir­cle to its di­am­e­ter? 5. Aus­tralian Olympic cy­cling medal­list Shane Perkins re­cently de­fected to (a) China (b) Rus­sia (c) Ukraine? 6. The Rio Grande forms the border be­tween Mex­ico and which US state? 7. Who had the 1964 hit song Oh, Pretty Woman? 8. On which planet did the comet Shoe­maker-Levy crash in 1994? 9. Jimmy Lo­gan, played by Chan­ning Ta­tum, hatched a plan to rob a NASCAR sta­dium on race day in which re­cent movie? 10. Adrian Gard, a se­cu­rity guard for which test rugby team, was re­cently found not guilty of mak­ing up claims he found a bug­ging de­vice at the side’s Syd­ney ho­tel last year? 11. The re­cent Ian Heads book, The Great Grand Fi­nal Heist, is about which match? 12. Delta Goodrem’s mid­dle name is (a) Lea (b) Lena (c) Lenore? 13. I Could Have Danced All Night is a song from which mu­si­cal? 14. Was heart trans­plant pi­o­neer Dr Chris­ti­aan Barnard English or South African? 15. The first is­sue of Time mag­a­zine was pub­lished in (a) 1903 (b) 1923 (c) 1943? 16. “To all those peo­ple who were happy to bankroll the film as long as I wasn’t in it,” said Ge­of­frey Rush af­ter win­ning the best ac­tor Golden Globe for his role in which 1996 movie? 17. “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind,” said which In­dian independen­ce leader? 18. Which leg­endary 1960s’ US folk trio toured Aus­tralia in 1997? 19. Which Jules Verne novel told the story of Cap­tain Nemo and his sub­ma­rine Nau­tilus? 20. Who was re­cently ap­pointed the 24th cap­tain of the Aus­tralian Di­a­monds net­ball team? 21. Which two peo­ple have won a No­bel Prize and Oscar? 22. John Len­non was shot dead out­side which New York build­ing? 23. In 1986, which stolen Pablo Pi­casso paint­ing was found in a Mel­bourne rail­way sta­tion locker? 24. Mem­bers of which re­li­gious or­der are some­times known as “white monks”? 25. Who has held the record for most ca­reer Ashes runs since 1938?


1. Philip­pines. 2. Tibia. 3. (c) 40th. 4. Pi. 5. (b) Rus­sia. 6. Texas. 7. Roy Orbison. 8. Jupiter. 9. Lo­gan Lucky. 10. All Blacks. 11. 1969 NSWRL grand fi­nal. 12. (a) Lea. 13. My Fair Lady. 14. South African. 15. (b) 1923. 16. Shine. 17. Mo­han­das Gandhi. 18. Peter, Paul and Mary. 19. Twenty Thou­sand Leagues Un­der the Sea. 20. Caitlin Bas­sett. 21. Bob Dy­lan, Ge­orge Bernard Shaw. 22. The Dakota. 23. The Weep­ing Woman. 24. Cis­ter­cians. 25. Don Brad­man.

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