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IREMEMBER when I was liv­ing in the UK, I would look for­ward to win­ter as it was cold, some­times there was snow and it was a great time to bring out my “foodie favourites” for that time of the year – eg­gnog, mince pies, Christ­mas cake, the list goes on.

We used to eat so much on Christ­mas Day that when it came to dessert, we were too full to eat any­thing else.

I re­cently came across a recipe for rum and nut­meg logs that I thought I would try. It didn’t dis­ap­point and this recipe is a great thing to make with chil­dren – they are good dough rollers.

I didn’t re­alise you could get Greek yo­ghurt cream cheese ei­ther. I can’t com­pare the end re­sult to us­ing nor­mal cream cheese but I think they would turn out all right too.

Rum logs with nut­meg

Makes about 35

Bis­cuit dough in­gre­di­ents

■ 1 cup salted but­ter, soft­ened

■ 1½ tsp vanilla ex­tract

■ ½ tsp al­mond ex­tract

■ ¾ cup cas­tor sugar

■ 1 egg

■ 3 cups flour

■ 1½ tsp nut­meg

Ic­ing in­gre­di­ents for top­ping:

■ 85g Greek yo­ghurt cream cheese, soft­ened (Kiri brand, found at Woolies and Coles)

■ 2 tbsp salted but­ter, soft­ened

■ 1 tsp rum

■ ½ tsp good-qual­ity vanilla ex­tract

■ 3 cups ic­ing sugar

■ 1 tbsp milk

■ Nut­meg for sprin­kling


Pre­heat oven to 180°C.

In a mixer, cream but­ter with vanilla and al­mond ex­tracts.

Grad­u­ally beat in sugar, then add in the egg. In a sep­a­rate bowl, mix to­gether the flour and nut­meg.

Add to but­ter mix­ture and blend well.

Lay bak­ing pa­per on a bak­ing tray. Di­vide and shape dough into long rolls about 2.5–3cm each and cut into 6cm lengths. Make sure you have enough room on the tray so they aren’t touch­ing but they don’t spread much.

Place in the oven and bake for 12–14 min­utes. Cool on a wire rack be­fore ic­ing.

To make the ic­ing, cream to­gether the Greek yo­ghurt cream cheese with the but­ter un­til well blended.

Add in the rum and the vanilla and mix well. Slowly add in ic­ing sugar, stop­ping to scrape sides a few times.

Mix in milk un­til well com­bined.

Spread a light layer onto cook­ies with a wet knife, work­ing quickly be­fore the ic­ing har­dens, then sprin­kle lightly with nut­meg.

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