Life & Style Weekend - - MIND - MIND YOU WORDS: NICK BEN­NETT Nick Ben­nett is a fa­cil­i­ta­tor, per­for­mance coach and part­ner of Minds Aligned: mind­saligned.com.au

I’m writ­ing this as a re­sult of my di­rect ex­pe­ri­ence re­cently with tech­nol­ogy and a fo­cus on the pos­i­tive learn­ing that I had, rather than de­scrib­ing the in­cred­i­ble frus­tra­tion that was very ap­par­ent when my new lap­top PC up­dated and be­came al­most use­less.

Our roles re­quire us to be very mo­bile as we both travel a lot for clients. Over time I en­sured that we up­graded our sys­tems and hard­ware to al­low for as much flex­i­bil­ity, ac­cess and con­ve­nience as pos­si­ble and – af­ter a few scep­ti­cal and cau­tious years – we fi­nally mi­grated ev­ery­thing to the cloud.

Now I’m not sure about you, how­ever I de­scribe my­self as an “end user” when it comes to tech­nol­ogy. I love it and have lots of techno gad­gets and wire­less thingam­abobs that work re­ally well when ev­ery­thing else is work­ing.

I can fig­ure my way around most things up to a point where I get in­cred­i­bly frus­trated that what is sup­pos­edly a click of the mouse, a down­load or two, en­ter a pass­word, down­load again, restart and ev­ery­thing just works – but it doesn’t. And no amount of search­ing for the so­lu­tion on­line, and ap­ply­ing those, works.

Well, I got to that point re­cently. It wasn’t go­ing to be pretty. My stress lev­els were el­e­vat­ing af­ter three weeks of try­ing to find the so­lu­tion only to con­tact the ma­jor global com­pany that man­u­fac­tures my PC to find that there is no so­lu­tion and they – very quickly and kindly I thought – pro­vided a re­place­ment.

On ar­rival I then had to do ev­ery­thing that I had done be­fore – up­date, cre­ate ac­counts, find my data, up­date again, find my apps, re­mem­ber my pass­words. Pass­words? Uh-oh!

Af­ter go­ing down the rab­bit hole sev­eral times, ap­proached a heart at­tack (which I’ve had two) when I thought my life­time of photos and mu­sic had dis­ap­peared then find­ing them on another hard drive, I fi­nally came to my senses. I went to a tech sup­port com­pany here who were just fan­tas­tic.

Over two hours the young man who helped me demon­strated an ease of tal­ent and a grace of pa­tience as he con­fig­ured, re-con­fig­ured, down­loaded, up­loaded, up­dated and gen­er­ally fixed and found all of the apps and pro­grams that I’d “lost” and set my new PC up with back-ups, fail safes and in­struc­tions that I could fol­low eas­ily should I get into trou­ble again.

The learn­ing for me was pretty straight­for­ward; re­alise what you’re good at and do that and re­alise what oth­ers are good at and use that.

The other thing is do it sooner rather than later. It’ll main­tain your blood pres­sure and equi­lib­rium more ef­fec­tively than get­ting to the point where you want to punch more than in­for­ma­tion into your com­puter.

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