Life & Style Weekend - - MIND - COM­PILED BY: ROY O’REILLY


1. The name of which type of email was in­spired by a Monty Python sketch?

2. Which Spice Girl was known as Posh Spice?

3. The Van Gogh Mu­seum is in (a) Am­s­ter­dam (b) New York (c) Paris?

4. Which Aus­tralian shark-punch­ing, triple world cham­pion surfer re­cently an­nounced his re­tire­ment?

5. The dis­tance from the equa­tor to the South Pole is about (a) 10,070km (b) 20,070km (c) 30,070km?

6. Who is the 2018 Aus­tralian of the Year?

7. In which re­cent movie did Chadwick Bose­man play T’challa/black Pan­ther, king of the fic­tional African na­tion of Wakanda?

8. Rebel With a Cause is the 2017 au­to­bi­og­ra­phy of which for­mer Tas­ma­nian sen­a­tor?

9. Against which coun­try did Aus­tralia re­cently set a T20 In­ter­na­tional world record chase of 244 runs?

10. Which coun­try is known as “the land of the mid­night sun”?

11. Which Aus­tralian re­cently signed a two-year ex­ten­sion to con­tinue coach­ing the Eng­land rugby league team?

12. Nine­teenth cen­tury fairy­tale au­thor Hans Chris­tian An­der­sen was (a) Dan­ish

(b) Dutch (c) Swedish?

13. Be­gin­ning with “r”, what is the term for the bend­ing of light when it en­ters a dif­fer­ent medium?

14. Is a bas­soon a brass or wood­wind in­stru­ment?

15. Aus­tralia plays which coun­try in a rugby Test in Bris­bane tonight?

16. “No one comes near. Look at him work­ing, darn­ing his socks in the night when there’s no­body there. What does he care?” are lyrics from which song?

17. The sis­ter of which for­mer Aus­tralian prime min­is­ter re­cently mar­ried her same-sex part­ner?

18. In which 1970s-80s soapie did Cor­nelia Frances play Sis­ter Scott?

19. A mock Croc­o­dile Dundee trailer was aired dur­ing which re­cent ma­jor US sports event?

20. Which an­cient Greek math­e­ma­ti­cian is cred­ited with record­ing the first proof of the re­la­tion­ship of the sides of a right-an­gled tri­an­gle?

21. What are the given names of Char­lotte’s

Web au­thor EB White?

22. Which let­ter be­gins the three words of the ti­tle of a Shake­speare play?

23. Dur­ing her maiden speech in the House of Rep­re­sen­ta­tives in 2016, who wore a kan­ga­roo skin cloak with an im­print of a cock­a­too?

24. Name the only dwarf planet in the as­ter­oid belt.

25. Which French diplo­mat spear­headed the build­ing of the Suez Canal?


1. Spam. 2. Vic­to­ria Beck­ham. 3. (a) Am­s­ter­dam. 4. Mick Fan­ning. 5. (a) 10,070km. 6. Michelle Sim­mons. 7. Black Pan­ther. 8. Jac­qui Lam­bie. 9. New Zealand.

10. Nor­way. 11. Wayne Ben­nett. 12. (a) Dan­ish. 13. Re­frac­tion. 14. Wood­wind in­stru­ment. 15. Ire­land. 16. Eleanor Rigby.

17. Tony Ab­bott. (Chris­tine Forster). 18. The Young Doc­tors. 19. Su­per Bowl. 20. Pythago­ras. 21. El­wyn Brooks. 22. L.( Love’s Labour’s Lost). 23. Linda Bur­ney. 24. Ceres.

25. Fer­di­nand de Lesseps.

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