Life & Style Weekend - - SCREENLIFE - WORDS: SEANNA CRONIN Ant-man and The Wasp opens on Thursday.

Evan­ge­line Lilly fi­nally gets to suit up in Ant-man and the Wasp. The Mar­vel se­quel fol­lows Hope van Dyne, who trans­forms into The Wasp for the first time as she and her fa­ther Dr Hank Pym (Michael Dou­glas) search for her miss­ing mother Janet (Michelle Pfeif­fer).

In the first film, Hope was re­luc­tant to try on one of her fa­ther’s shrink­ing suits af­ter her mother dis­ap­peared into a sub­atomic quan­tum realm, never to be seen again.

“The first and fore­most pri­mary mo­ti­va­tion and rea­son to come back was to put on that suit,” Lilly says.

“We ac­tu­ally started do­ing fit­tings for the suit like two or three months af­ter we fin­ished shoot­ing the first film, which was three-and-a-half years ago.

“But I was also ex­cited to play Hope again be­cause in the first film she went through this enor­mous emo­tional arc. She’d spent 30 years re­sent­ing her fa­ther and be­ing at odds with him, and bit­ter­ness had built up in her that gave her this very cold ex­te­rior.

“Then by the end of the film so much of that has melted away, and she has taken the first steps to re­solve her is­sues with her fa­ther. So it was ex­cit­ing to have the chance to go back to this char­ac­ter and play her in a new space – a space that was not so guarded and jaded and cold but was warmer and found her more at ease in her own skin.”

The fa­ther and daugh­ter are now a tight team, who have been liv­ing and work­ing in se­cret to keep their tech­nol­ogy out of the wrong hands.

“They are in this lab that they’ve built that they can shrink and grow at a mo­ment’s no­tice so they can run and take the lab with them, which is also their home,” Lilly says.

“The lab is this elab­o­rate, in­cred­i­ble high-tech space that they’ve built a quan­tum tun­nel in. They’ve built the quan­tum tun­nel be­cause they are both pas­sion­ately try­ing to get back to the quan­tum realm safely to find Janet Van Dyne, Hope’s mother and Hank’s wife, and bring her back.”

They’ll need the help of Ant-mant/scott Lang (Paul Rudd), but it won’t be a happy reunion. Lilly re­veals he and Hope made a go of it, but his ac­tions in Cap­tain Amer­ica: Civil War drove the cou­ple apart.

“Be­tween the first and sec­ond film, they were do­ing the kissy thing for a lit­tle while and were in a com­mit­ted re­la­tion­ship. Then Scott ran off to Ger­many and had a cos­tume party on a tar­mac and de­cided that he didn’t care if that af­fected their lives, or if that ru­ined Hope’s life,” she says.

“And as a re­sult he got him­self ar­rested, and since that point they have no longer been an item. Hope has def­i­nitely har­boured feel­ings of anger and hurt and re­sent­ment for the choices he made – maybe more than any of them, for the choice he made to go with­out her.

“They have not re­ally been on speak­ing terms for about two years. But, of course, love doesn’t die just be­cause there are bad cir­cum­stances. So we pick this film up where she’s an­gry with him, and they haven't spo­ken in a long time but Hope needs him. She’s got this mis­sion, but un­der­neath it all she still loves Scott.”

They’ll have to put their dif­fer­ences aside to face a vil­lain known as Ghost, who has come over from the quan­tum realm.

“Every­body knows that the only way you can make a good su­per hero film is if you have an even bet­ter vil­lain, and Hannah (John-ka­men) knocks it out of the park play­ing a vil­lain who is both ter­ri­fy­ing and for­mi­da­ble but some­how si­mul­ta­ne­ously vul­ner­a­ble and in­no­cent,” Lilly says. “And that might be the creepi­est thing about her.”

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