Life & Style Weekend - - MIND - COM­PILED BY: ROY O’REILLY

1. Was Bugs Bunny cre­ated by the Dis­ney or Warner Broth­ers stu­dio?

2. Uruguay’s Hec­tor Cas­tro, who kicked a goal in the 1930 FIFA World Cup fi­nal, had only one (a) arm (b) ear (c) eye?

3. Last year, which for­mer prime min­is­ter con­fessed he had passed out drunk in his of­fice and missed vi­tal votes in 2009?

4. Part of Ho­bart’s Tas­man Bridge col­lapsed into the Derwent in (a) 1975 (b) 1985 (c) 1995?

5. Which coun­try is known as “the land of the eter­nal blue sky” (a) Malaysia (b) Malta (c) Mon­go­lia?

6. Which state or ter­ri­tory is Yal­goo in?

7. Which horse’s win in the 2018 Chip­ping Nor­ton Stakes was its 23rd con­sec­u­tive vic­tory?

8. What is the given name of the char­ac­ter played by Char­lie Sheen in the TV show

Two and a Half Men?

9. “Smile an ev­er­last­ing smile. A smile can bring you near to me,” are lyrics from which song?

10. Phuket is the largest is­land of which coun­try?

11. The 2025 Rugby League World Cup will be played in (a) Asia (b) Europe (c) North Amer­ica?

12. Mem­bers of the So­ci­ety of Friends are com­monly (a) Bud­dhists (b) Mor­mons (c) Quak­ers?

13. Which grand slam ten­nis tour­na­ment be­gins next week?

14. “And an an­swer came di­rected in a writ­ing un­ex­pected (and I think the same was writ­ten with a thumb-nail dipped in tar),” are lines from which iconic Banjo Pater­son poem?

15. In which state was Will Hodg­man re­cently re-elected premier?

16. Which se­cret agent was named af­ter the au­thor of the 1936 book Birds of the West Indies?

17. Michael Jor­dan played for which NBA team in the 1980s and 1990s?

18. Who were the US and Soviet lead­ers dur­ing the 1962 Cuban mis­sile cri­sis?

19. The names of which three Euro­pean coun­tries be­gin with “A”?

20. Last year, “mud-pack ther­apy” be­gan as part of the restora­tion process on which iconic In­dian build­ing?

21. The north­ern en­trance to the Suez Canal was the orig­i­nal pro­posed site for which iconic statue?

22. Dur­ing the re­cent off-sea­son, which Syd­ney Swans star had surgery on both knees?

23. In 1969, the Bea­tles’ last pub­lic per­for­mance was an im­promptu con­cert on the rooftop of the Sav­ile Row head­quar­ters of which com­pany?

24. The Bri­tish Sec­ond Lord of the Trea­sury is bet­ter known by which ti­tle?

25. Last year, which 85-year-old English spy nov­el­ist launched his lat­est book A Legacy of Spies?


1. Warner Broth­ers. 2. (a) arm. 3. Tony Ab­bott. 4. (a) 1975. 5. Mon­go­lia. 6. Western Aus­tralia. 7. Winx. 8. Char­lie. 9. Words.

10. Thai­land. 11. (c) North Amer­ica. 12. (c) Quak­ers. 13. Wim­ble­don. 14. Clancy of the Over­flow. 15. Tas­ma­nia. 16. James Bond.

17. Chicago Bulls. 18. John F. Kennedy, Nikita Krushchev. 19. Al­ba­nia, Andorra, Aus­tria.

20. Taj Mahal. 21. Statue of Lib­erty.

22. Buddy Franklin. 23. Ap­ple Corps Ltd.

24. Chan­cel­lor of the Ex­che­quer. 25. John le Carre.

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